Thursday, April 10, 2014

Dinner & Zoo

I'm a couple days late on posting about our weekend but my parents were out of town at the Final Four and Todd took off Monday and Tuesday to watch Lucy so when I came home from work, I wanted to hang out with them instead of taking the time to blog. 

Todd had to go into work on Saturday but I was pleasantly surprised when he was home by 5:00 PM.  Now that Lucy is sitting up and the fact that she's a pretty mellow baby, we figured we'd take the chance to head out to an early dinner at BJ's Brewhouse.  We were surprised when we got there a little before 5:30 PM and there was a 45 minute wait already.  When did people start going to dinner so early?  Luckily, we snagged a bench seat and Lucy was quite content sitting on our laps and people watching.  I did catch her staring at some people but I guess she takes after me.  We finally sat down at our table close to 6:30 PM and immediately put in our order.  Lucy was perfectly happy in the high chair playing with a couple toys and attempting to lick the table.  We're hoping she'll continue to behave like this for at least another couple months so we can take advantage and go out to dinner a bit more now....that's definitely something I miss doing.

Me & Lucy...tongue hanging out like normal

 Todd can never turn down a taster tray

It warmed up a bit outside on Sunday afternoon and we were finally able to head to the zoo for the first time as a family with Lucy actually being able to see what was going on around her.  We went to the zoo for the lights around Christmas but it was so cold and she was so bundled up, we were only there for a half hour and never saw any animals.

We were finally able to put Lucy in the stroller without being in her car seat and I think she really liked looking around at everything and soaking it all in.  We thought she might take a nap while we walked around but she was wide awake and wide-eyed the whole time. 

We were able to walk around about a third of the zoo before we headed back home.  We saw the flamingos, the kangaroos, and a bunch of different types of monkeys and the gorillas.  We also ran into a couple friends from college who were also there with their young daughters so we chatted with them for a bit.  I'm excited to start making the zoo a regular outing for us especially once it stays warm!

Lucy posing with a kangaroo laying behind her which looks like it's dead

I'm pretty sure it was still alive because it would move every once in awhile

Loving the sunshine and loving the zoo!


Meghan said...

I love these pics. Lucy is such a little doll! I cannot wait to take Layla to the zoo this summer. We've only gone on walks/runs so far with this nicer weather, but I hope it continues!

BeckyJo606 said...

We definitely need to take H to the zoo--it looks like Lucy had such a good time! And--I think it is so sweet Todd took off two days of work to stay home with her!! :)