Friday, May 30, 2014

Lucy at 8 Months

8 months on May 29, 2014


It only took about 7.5 months but Lucy is finally consistently rolling over!  It just clicked one day and she finally figured out how to move her arm so she wouldn't get stuck rolling over and now she's constantly moving around.  When she sits up now and leans forward on her hands, she will occasionally get up onto all fours like she's going to crawl but then will usually end up rolling over onto her side.  I'm thinking she might be more mobile and crawling in the next month or so.  Time to start baby proofing the house!
Lucy has such a happy, bubbly personality too.  We've taken her out to eat, out to run errands, and over to friends' houses many times and people are constantly saying how happy and smiley she is.  We truly are lucky and blessed with such an easy going baby (although I wouldn't have said that when she was a newborn!).  She loves to be outside and loves to people watch.  She is constantly babbling and I know we're going to be in trouble when she's older because some days she is just talking non-stop...and she can be loud for such a little girl!  Last month, she learned how to clap and now she can add waving to her bag of tricks.  We've also been teaching her some sign language and if we sign milk to her when it's time for a bottle or nursing, she's started to sign back.
Weight: Probably around 17 lbs. (She was 15 lbs. 3 oz. on March 28, 2014 at her 6 month apt)

Length: No idea (She was 26 in. on March 28, 2014 at her 6 month appt)

Clothes: Lucy is definitely getting longer as a lot of her 6 month onesies that were big on her last month are almost all too short on her now.  Her legs don't seem quite as chunky either. I had bought a lot of 9 month summer clothes and it looks like I might have to buy some more in 12 months so she'll have stuff to wear at the end of the summer.  I think starting solid foods has caused a growth spurt!  She's still in size 2 diapers.

Eating: Tried cottage cheese, yogurt, cheese cubes, broccoli, puffs, applesauce pouches and mum mums this month as well as baby food flavors of mixed berry, sweet potatoes & corn, apple strawberry banana, and pear, zucchini, and corn.  So far, she likes everything! She is eating 3 meals/day and nursing or taking a bottle 3 other times although she just cut down from 4 to 3 in the past week.  Proud to say she's still exclusively on breast milk and hoping to start weaning her in a  month or two.

Sleeping: Lucy is averaging about 2 naps/day now and are only about an hour each.  She'll nap in the mid morning when my mom watches her and then again later in the afternoon once she's home with me.  Some days she'll surprise me with an 1.5-2 hour nap but it's usually about 45 minutes to an hour.  I'll take the shorter naps any day though since she sleeps great at night.  She's usually asleep between 7:30-8:00 PM and if it's a work day, we wake her up at 6:30 AM otherwise she'll wake up around 7:00 AM on her own. 

Likes: Her sippy cup, licking & putting everything in her mouth, rolling over

Dislikes: When we don't give her more food

Milestones: First Mother's Day celebration (May 11), first taste of ice cream (May 16), first parade (May 26), first time at the pool (May 26), started waving this month too but I don't know the exact day


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