Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Father's Day Weekend

After an exciting Friday evening of meeting with a lawyer to have our will prepared (talk about depressing) and leftovers for dinner, I was definitely looking forward to our weekend plans! 
Todd absolutely loves breakfast and I'm not a huge breakfast fan so he was excited when I said I'd actually eat some belgium waffles if he made them on Saturday morning.  He outdid himself when he topped them with strawberries, blueberries and homemade (!) whipped cream.  Of course, no breakfast is complete without a side of bacon, right?  

Todd's Father's Day celebration started on Saturday morning when we drove to Chillicothe, about an hour south of Columbus, to go to the Hopewell Culture National Historical Park.  I've mentioned it time and time again but Todd loves to get stamps in his National Park passport book so any opportunity I can find to plan a trip to one, we'll be there. 

Entrance to the park

Visitor Center

The Hopewell Culture National Historical Park has 23 restored Indian Mounds as well as a small museum with artifacts that were found in the original mounds.  We got to the park and walked through the visitor center and small museum.  We were surprised to find out that we could just walk out into the field where the mounds are and take a self-guided tour just as long as we didn't walk on the mounds. There were plaques posted by many of the mounds with info and facts so we made sure to read all those (or at least Todd did) and then ventured onto a wooded trail for a little bit.  It was nice that we could go at our own pace and didn't have to take a tour with one of the park rangers.

Todd & Lucy on the patio outside the visitor center with some of the Indian mounds in the background
The biggest mound there
A few smaller mounds with an oblong mound in the middle

Part of the wooded trail we walked on

Before we left, we had to buy Lucy her own passport book so she could start collecting stamps too....I'm sure she's going to love doing this as a teenager (yeah...right)

On our drive back to Columbus, I had planned a stop at Seventh Son Brewing Company so Todd could sample some local beers he hadn't tried yet and so we could eat lunch.  Seventh Son doesn't serve food but they have a rotating food truck schedule so we were able to eat from That Food Truck.  Todd enjoyed the beers (so much so that I had to drive us home) and food but the only downfall was no highchair for Lucy so it was interesting trying to feed her lunch.

Signs for the brewery

They have a patio in the front and one in the back
The bar area as well as indoor seating

We sat on the back patio where Todd enjoyed his taster tray

I had a veggie sandwich for lunch...

and Todd had a brisket sandwich

We got home in the afternoon and thought we'd have enough time for Lucy to take a short nap before heading back out again but she fooled us when we pulled her out of her car seat with the biggest blowout we've seen with her yet.  Even Todd had poop on his arms! She hadn't had one in several months (since before she started eating solid food) but I've read that teething can cause diarrhea (gross, I know).  [Side note: Lucy is finally cutting her first tooth!]  So after hosing her off in the sink and then giving her a bath as well as washing her car seat and clothes, that left little time for a nap.

We headed back out in the late afternoon to meet Lynn, Nathan, and Olive (Lucy's BFF) in Grandview at Digfest, which featured lots of local craft breweries, microdistilleries, and Ohio wines as well as some local food vendors. We hung out for a couple hours before we needed to leave to get Lucy home for bed.  It was great to get out and hang out with friends and do something "adult" but also bring Lucy along.

Drink tickets

Enjoying my Mint Watermelon Lemonade cocktail featuring OYO Honey Vanilla Bean Vodka

Lynn & I with the babes....and Todd is officially off camera duty because he somehow failed to notice the camera string in all the pictures he took

A teething baby is not always a smiley baby
Great end to part one of Todd's Father's Day celebration

Part two of Todd's Father's Day celebration began with 9 holes of golf on Sunday morning with a couple of his friends.  One of his friend's wives had texted me a few weeks back about arranging it and I knew Todd would be excited since he hasn't played in over a year.

After he got back from golfing, we took my parents out to lunch to celebrate my dad on Father's Day at the Pint Room.  Todd and I had been here only once before back when they first opened and my parents had never been so it was good spot to choose.

Grandpa & Lucy at lunch

We stopped back at my parents' house after lunch to exchange a few presents.  Todd and I were hoping to take Lucy to Zoombezi Bay for some pool time since the weather was beautiful but she ended up taking a 2.5 hour nap instead.  This teething thing must be tiring!

Lucy posing at my parents' house

Pretty girl

Helping daddy open his card

Lucy's present for her dad was a pint glass from Etsy with "Dad est. 09/29/13" etched on it

My dad opening his present from me and my brother

He was thrilled he finally has a Keurig!

One more family photo to end a great Father's Day

While Lucy was napping, Todd & I were able to just relax on the couch.  We ended the weekend with Raising Cane's for dinner.  I mean, it was Todd's weekend, and I'd say it included all of his favorite things: getting stamps in his passport, drinking beers (multiple times), golfing, Raising Cane's, and spending time with me & Lucy.

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emily said...

Happy Father's Day to Todd! You were down in my stomping grounds in Chillicothe. I've never been to Hopewell, but spent lots of time at Serpent Mound growing up.