Wednesday, June 25, 2014

First Weekend of Summer

I'm so excited that summer is officially here!  After the brutally cold winter we had, I would definitely be okay with 90 degree days for the next couple months.  We didn't really have anything set in stone this past weekend in terms of plans because Todd had to go into work on Saturday and wasn't sure how long he'd have to work.  He didn't have to go in until noon so we went to the outdoor Worthington Farmers' Market in the morning for the first time this year.  Most people go for the fresh fruits and veggies, but we like to go for the baked goods and cheese.

Todd and his giant cinnamon roll

Lucy was just relaxing in her stroller

I loved all the beautiful pink peonies!

They also had an art/craft show set up this week too so we took a look around

After Todd went to work, Lucy & I went to spend a little time at the zoo.  Of course it was packed so we only got to see a few animals before going home for nap time (for both of us because Lucy was wide awake on Friday night from about midnight to 3:00 AM....I'm hoping this was it for her 9 month sleep regression that people talk about because she's slept great since then!).

Wide eyed at the aquarium

We knew we wanted to go out to eat for dinner on Saturday night but weren't sure where because it all depended on what time Todd got home from work.  I was hoping to head down to the Short North and go to Melt but Todd didn't get home until 6:00 PM and since we were taking Lucy with us, we knew Melt wouldn't be a good choice with the 20 minute drive and potentially long wait.  We decided to go local again and walked to Old Bag of Nails.  Seriously, I'm loving that we can just put Lucy in her stroller and take a 5 minute walk to dinner.

Enjoying dinner on the patio

Getting ready for our walk home

Sunday morning was spent grocery shopping and getting some things done around the house.  It was cloudy & gray outside in the morning but come afternoon, it was blue skies and sunny so we headed to Zoombezi Bay.  We were able to spend about an hour there and tire Lucy out so she'd take a nice long nap.

Me and my water baby

During Lucy's nap, Todd & I were able to bottle his latest home brew which should be ready to drink in 3-4 weeks
Before we went on a late afternoon walk, Lucy was showing off her skill of holding onto something and standing without needing assistance.  She isn't quite crawling yet and walking is probably a ways off too but it's so exciting when she does something new!  She's growing up way too fast already.
Look at me, mom!

Looking forward to the next few weeks and weekends because Todd has off work and hopefully the sunny days stick around!


Meghan said...

Aww! Lucy is growing so fast! What a sweetheart. It's fun to be able to take the babies all over, isn't it? I love the fact that Layla just enjoys the stroller - makes summer activities so much easier!

Emily said...

those peonies!!!! my favorite flower by far!