Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Fall-Like Weekend

After having some hot temperatures the past few weeks, it really cooled down quickly here in Ohio. It's been fun though getting out Lucy's new fall wardrobe even though I wish it was warmer outside.  Despite the temperature drop, we still spent some time outside this past weekend.
Todd's mom stayed with us for part of last week to help with Lucy because my parents were out of town visiting my brother in San Francisco.  I was busy last week trying to clean and get everything ready for her visit that I didn't even really have time to think about the weekend.  Todd had to work from home for a few hours on Saturday afternoon & we had Lucy's 1 year photos on Sunday morning (rescheduled from Friday because the photographer forgot to show up....awesome) but other than that, we hadn't planned anything out.
On Saturday morning, I wanted to go to the Worthington Farmers' Market but saw they weren't having it that day because they were closing part of High Street in old Worthington for Market Day.  We decided to head down and check out all the vendors set up selling arts and crafts.  I didn't end up buying anything but it was fun to walk around for a little bit.
Lots of vendors set up in the street

Lucy was decked out in her scarlet & gray for the noon OSU football game

I thought she looked so cute in her skinny jeans and Toms

This is the best it gets in terms of holding Lucy for another 5-6 weeks

Watching the game

While Todd was working and Lucy was napping, I ran over to Buy Buy Baby to get a baby shower gift.  I thought it was going to be a better experience than Babies 'R Us which is always a nightmare, but I swear, Buy Buy Baby wasn't much better!  I figured it'd be a breeze since I knew what all the items were but of course none of them were in the right aisles!  What I thought would take 10-15 minutes ended up taking me almost 45 minutes. 

For dinner that evening, we decided to go out and wanted to eat at Champps.  Before we even pulled in the parking lot, we saw that it was permanently closed.  Not sure if all the Columbus locations are closed but I was kinda bummed...their waffle fries were the best!  We ended up at Smashburger instead and thought it was pretty good.

Burger & Smashfries

Todd & his delicious BBQ Bacon Burger

Lucy & I

Love that she can give kisses now!

Family selfie on Saturday evening
We were up early on Sunday morning to get ready for Lucy's 1 year photo shoot at Highbanks.  There was a mix up with the photographer who thought they were scheduled for Saturday morning instead of Friday morning so luckily she was able to get us in on Sunday morning instead because I'd like to have the pictures back in time for Lucy's birthday party.  It was a lot colder Sunday though than Friday and Lucy was shivering during part of the photo shoot.  I was just watching in amazement though during the pictures because Lucy looks like such a kid now, she definitely doesn't seem or look like a baby anymore!  Plus, her colored skinny jeans and chambray shirt made her look a lot older too.

The rest of Sunday was spent running errands and hanging out at home.  It wasn't a really exciting weekend but we still had fun and was sad to see it end.

Shopping at Target

Reading while Todd (and Lucy) nap

Still not walking on her own but she flies around the house with this walker and just figured out in the last couple weeks how to actually turn it and back up

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