Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Impromptu Afternoon at a Winery

While the first part of our weekend didn't seem too exciting, we ended the weekend on a high note after spending the afternoon at Hidden Lakes Winery in Canal Winchester. 
I guess I shouldn't say Saturday wasn't too exciting because I'm pretty sure Lucy was thrilled to enjoy her first donut!  Todd, Lucy, and I walked to Tim Horton's in the morning where Lucy had an original glazed Timbit.  She devoured it in a matter of seconds.
Seriously, I can't say it enough but I LOVE walking to area restaurants and stores

Reaching for her first bite

and shoving it in as fast as she could

I had a meeting at the fitness studio on Saturday afternoon so my dad came over to play with Lucy and Todd started painting the garage.  I'm sure you know how home improvement projects go and what he thought would take him 4 hours to paint just the ceiling is looking more like 10 hours. 

Todd hard at work

Lucy waiting to be pushed on her hippo (and why does she look like such a big kid here?)

We had dinner at Liberty Tavern on Saturday night and then Todd & I watched a movie once Lucy was in bed.

We started off Sunday with our normal routine of Target and Kroger.  Once Lucy was up from her morning nap, we realized we really hadn't planned anything for the rest of the day and since it was gorgeous outside, Todd suggested going to a local winery.  As luck would have it, there was one winery open on Sunday so we packed up and headed out.

Lucy wanted to do some exercises on the BOSU ball first though before going to the winery

I'll have to try this exercise out with the firefighters
After a quick 30 minute drive southeast of the city, we arrived at Hidden Lakes Winery.  Our expectations weren't very high and although the wine was just so-so, we were pleasantly surprised by the live music and beautiful scenery.
Outside the winery

I'm assuming this is the Hidden Lake

Great live music
Lucy was pretty excited for the music

We got a taster tray of all their wines including 2 frozen wine drinks

Even though it looks like I plan on drinking all of these, Todd helped quite a bit

We reclined Lucy's stroller so she could have a play area
Todd & I
We had such a great afternoon and kind of bummed we hadn't been to this place sooner.  We ate lunch at home and had just a cheese plate with our wine but after seeing all the delicious food being brought out by the servers to other people, we will definitely have to go again and order food next time.

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BeckyJo606 said...

This is so close to my house!! When we went before the food wasn't very good, but I am wondering if we just didn't order well because everyone else seemed to love it. I was pregnant at the time and didn't get to sample their wine either--but I think your review is similar to what I've heard from other people too. Sounds like a fun weekend!