Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Perfect Fall Weekend

We had the ultimate fall weekend....pumpkins, football, and more pumpkins! 
Todd took off of work on Friday so early in the afternoon we drove about 45 minutes south of Columbus to go to the Circleville Pumpkin Show.  This is one of my all-time favorite events and it was our 7th time going together!  I was even more excited this year because Lucy is big enough to actually watch the action and eat some of the yummy pumpkin treats.  Last year, she literally slept in the ergo carrier the entire time.
Lucy was eying my fried cheese on a stick
It was a record year for growing pumpkins...the winner set the show record at over 1900 pounds!

Traditional family photo

Eating pumpkin chili while waiting in line at the bakery for pumpkin donuts

The famous world's largest pumpkin pie

So many pumpkin donuts!  

Todd trying something new this year...a pumpkin coney dog

And ending the day with pumpkin pizza and a pumpkin buckeye (which was huge!)

Todd & I
Lucy last year compared to this year
On Saturday afternoon, Todd & I dropped Lucy at my parents' and we headed down to campus for the Ohio State vs. Rutgers football game.  We had the worst seats ever (last row in B deck) and I could literally only see about 30 yards of the entire field.  I cannot believe OSU charges what they do for these seats and we luckily moved at halftime and had a much better view.
  View from where I was sitting

Zoomed in on the end zone when the team came out

Todd & I

Hey, at least we had something to lean against!

Our view once we moved seats to where Todd's cousin was sitting

Todd & I with his cousin

One more of the two of us
On Sunday afternoon, we took Lucy on her first trip to the pumpkin patch at Jacquemin Farms.  They had some bouncy toys set up for kids and a store with pumpkin donuts, cider slushies, and other treats but the real reason we went was to take a hayride to the pumpkin patch.  Lucy loved it and liked getting dirty in the hay and dirt.
Trying to walk on the gravel in her boots

Hayride to the patch

Making our way into the pumpkin patch

Lucy picked out a good one but it was a little too big

Todd cutting our smaller pumpkin off the vine

Hanging out

We picked out a mini pumpkin too for Lucy

Waiting for the tractor to take us back

She was fascinated with the tractor

I see our cute little pumpkin peaking out!

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