Thursday, December 11, 2014

Breakfast with Santa 2014

I love that Todd, Lucy, & I have already started some holiday traditions that we can look forward to each year.  Our first one is going to Honda, where Todd works, for Breakfast with Santa.  We went last year but since Lucy was only a little over 2 months old, we didn't get to experience all the fun & games that it entailed.  We also invited my dad to come along with us this year so he could hang out with Lucy.  Plus, it doesn't hurt that he's also our go-to photographer.
The whole event takes place in Honda's cafeteria which is pretty big so there was plenty of space.  We ate our breakfast first, nothing special there, just typical cafeteria breakfast and then got in line to see Santa.  Lucy has been extra clingy lately so I knew without a doubt she'd be crying as soon as we set her down on Santa's lap.....and I was right.  I kind of actually love the crying baby pictures with Santa and know that in a couple years (hopefully next year!), Lucy will be quite content telling him what she wants for Christmas.
Lucy's thought process:
"Hey Mom & Dad, don't leave me here on this creepy guy's lap."

"Oh wait, maybe he isn't so bad"

"Oh no, I was wrong!  I don't like this one bit!"

"Help me!"

And then of course, Todd & I had to hop in for a picture while Lucy was still crying
Once we got that part over with, Lucy was all smiles the rest of the morning.  I mean, what kid wouldn't love decorating cookies and eating them at 9:30 AM?  She was able to decorate cookies, make ornaments, and pretty much run around as much as she wanted.  I think she was having a fun time climbing around the stacked tables and chairs in the back of the cafeteria.  We have a very active little girl on our hands!

Todd helping Lucy decorate her cookie

She did a little bit by herself...

until she tried to squirt the icing directly in her kid!

Adding sprinkles to finish it off

And digging right in to enjoy it! 

As you can see from the icing all over her shirt, it's safe to say she loved the cookie

But she must know how much I love my sweets because she shared some of the icing on her fingers with me

Proof that Grandpa was actually there too

You know, just dancing around

She had seen part of Peter Pan at my parents' place a couple nights before and ever since then, she has been trying to "fly"

We finished the morning making a Santa ornament

Lucy showing off the completed project
We also bought our Christmas tree & decorated it on Sunday (and of course, it's already fallen over once with a couple ornaments as casualties).  It's been fun to see Lucy notice it every morning as she "ooohhhs" and "ahhhhs" over it.  We don't have much else planned besides decorating cookies, reading our Christmas books, and playing with her Little People Nativity set (which I'm proud to say, Lucy is able to pick out baby Jesus when asked and she'll walk around hugging that piece).

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