Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas Traditions

There are a few Christmas traditions that Todd & I have that we've been able to do with Lucy this year.  Last year, she was so little she really had no idea what was going on but this year it's been fun to watch her get excited about seeing the Christmas tree lit up and looking at her Christmas books and pointing out Santa and Frosty.
We had Breakfast with Santa a few weeks ago which is something we started last year when Lucy was born.  The rest of these traditions are things Todd & I did growing up and are now doing together.
First up is the Advent tree that hangs on our basement door.  My Grandma made this so when my brother and I were younger, we would take turns hanging the ornament for the corresponding day on the tree.  The ornament for the last day, December 24, is the star for the top of the tree.  Once I moved into my own apartment in grad school, my mom gave it to me and I've hung it up every year since then.  This year, Lucy has been able to help me hang up the ornament each day.
 Helping me hang up the first ornament on December 1

Growing up, my family always had an artificial tree but Todd's family had a real one so we've decided to carry on Todd's tradition of having a real tree.  The first Christmas we lived together, we actually went to a tree farm to cut one down.  I hate to admit that the past couple years we've been so busy that we only have time to go to Lowes to buy our real tree.  Definitely not as much fun and I'm hoping next year to make it back to the tree farm.

Todd picking out our Christmas tree

Lucy admiring it

One more Christmas tradition, which is one of my favorites, is decorating sugar cookies.  My mom has already told me this is the last year she's making them and it's up to me next year to do it.  On Saturday afternoon, we went over to my parents' to decorate cookies.  We put Lucy in her high chair and she went to town decorating/eating the icing.

 She started with the paintbrush to decorate...

and then progressed to just eating the icing straight from the brush (and decided to paint her face too)

Taking a bite of the cookie
and then skipping the brush altogether and just using her hands 


Might as well just lick the bowl! 

Sugar high! (and check out those 2 top front teeth!)

Todd & I decorating

 Hmmm..I wonder where Lucy gets it from?

 Letting her have one last bite of icing
All done!
One last tradition is going to Todd's family's Christmas Eve party.  It's the one time every year that we know we'll see a bunch of family that we typically don't see on our other visits up there.  I have to work that morning so we'll be making the 3 hour drive up that afternoon, staying for the party for a few hours, and then will drive back that evening so we can be home for Christmas morning at our house.

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