Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

Thanksgiving this year was very low key and relaxing which was perfect!  Todd's family was coming down the day after to tailgate for the Ohio State game so we spent Thanksgiving with my parents and lucked out by not having to travel at all.  It was a lot more fun this year too since Lucy is bigger and running around.  Last year, I remember her crying while we were trying to eat which wasn't so much fun.
We made the long drive (all of 4 minutes) to my parents' place a little after noon.  My dad doesn't get to see Lucy as much as my mom since he's at work while she watches Lucy in the mornings so he was able to spend a good chunk of time playing with her.  We ate our big Thanksgiving feast around 2:30 PM and then while Lucy napped, Todd & I snuck off to do some shopping at Old Navy when they opened at 4:00 PM.  We got back just as she was waking up and hung out for another couple hours, had some dessert, and were home just in time for Lucy's bath and bedtime. 
Our little wiggle worm

Playing with Lucy

She loves this mailbox that was my dad's when he was little (my brother & I played with it too when we were kids) so my mom will put junk mail and old cards in it for her to play with

Taking a ride on Grandpa's shoulders

She wasn't so sure about eating the turkey

And made quite a few faces when she tried the stuffing too

But she loved the peas, bread, and cranberry salad/jello


And then, like most of us, she hit a wall and needed to take a breather

Our small Thanksgiving celebration which was perfect

Lucy entertaining us (or more like sticking out her belly) on her "stage" (otherwise known as the fireplace)
Candid family picture

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