Friday, January 23, 2015

Sonoma: Day 4-6

The second part of our trip to California involved spending time with lots of family (some of which I hadn't seen since our wedding 3+ years ago!) and enjoying our time at Jeff & Meghan's wedding.  The wedding went off without a hitch and was beautiful.  I'm so excited to have Meghan as my sister-in-law and look forward to next time we'll see them in May. Lucy was one of the flower girls and I'm so proud to say that she totally nailed it!  She held hands with one of the other flower girls and walked down the aisle waving to everyone.  Seriously, it was definitely a proud parent moment and I think the photographers were loving it. 
Day 4 (Saturday, January 17)
We set up the pack 'n play provided by the hotel in the small area between the door and the main part of the room where our bed was...we opened the closet door too just so she couldn't see us.  It was a great set-up and she slept her normal 11-12 hours every night and napped every afternoon too

It worked out well also that our room had these shutters that opened up into the bath tub and bathroom.  Once we put Lucy down at night, we didn't have to walk by her or wake her up by opening the bathroom door....instead we just crawled through the window!

Aunt Jackie and her grandson, Parker, and my dad with his granddaughter, Lucy (which I think makes Lucy & Parker either 2nd cousins or first cousins once removed...I'm not quite sure how all that works)

Lucy playing with Parker while I held him....she LOVES babies
Pre-wedding lunch at Black Bear Diner

Family photo before the ceremony

Lucy mingling before the ceremony
There were 3 flower girls to start with but the other little one was really shy and didn't make it down the aisle
Waving to all the guests
Such a little social butterfly

Beautiful bride and her brother walking her down the aisle

Meghan & Jeff just couldn't stop smiling

Officially Mr. & Mrs. Wittich!

Hanging out waiting to have pictures taken
Lucy & her poofy princess dress

Formal pictures didn't go quite as well because Lucy didn't want to stand still...

so Uncle Jeff tried to hold her and then she started crying

Grandma & Lucy exploring

Candid shot

Family picture

Cocktail hour by the pool area

Yet another family shot

Meghan & Jeff during the speeches

4 generations! My Grandma now has 2 great grandchildren
Jeff & I

Me & Lucy

Photo of the inside of the tent for dinner

We were at the kid's table with my 4 younger cousins and my other cousin, her husband, and son (Parker)

Lucy enjoyed her chicken fingers and fries

Cutting the cake
After dinner, we walked back over to where the ceremony was held which is where the band was set up and the dancing would be held
Jeff & Meghan brewed 3 different beers for their favor

Close up of the labels on the bottle

Lucy enjoyed the band (particularly their bright suits) and loved dancing

Bride & groom's first dance

Grandpa & Lucy dancing

Mommy & Lucy dancing
Daddy & Lucy dancing

We had some fun in the photo booth
and the doughnut bar was a huge hit!

While the band took a short break, everyone went outside for sparklers.  After this, which was around 9:30-10:00 PM, we ended up taking Lucy back to our room for bed (I'm still shocked she stayed up that late) and debated going back to the reception but Todd & I ended up crashing too

Day 5 (Sunday, January 18)
Some of my family that was still in town the day after the wedding decided to head to a B.R. Cohn Winery for a tasting

It was a really pretty building and the weather was perfect....hard to believe it was January!

The owner of the winery was the manager for the Doobie Brothers

My mom had Lucy and my 4 younger cousins outside playing while Todd, my dad, Grandma, and a couple aunts & uncles did some wine tasting (my mom's side of the family)

Todd & I

Lunch at the Fremont Diner

Cool sign inside the restaurant

The seating area was in this tent like building with picnic tables...very casual

After we got back from the winery and a late lunch, we weren't sure if we'd see that side of the family again before we left the next day so Lucy wanted to give her Great Grandma a good-bye kiss

We met my aunt, uncle, cousin, and his wife for dinner (my dad's side of the family)
Day 6 (Monday, January 19)
  • Worked out at hotel fitness center
  • Drove from Sonoma to San Francisco Airport; left at 11:30 AM and arrived back in Columbus at 8:30 PM with a short layover in Chicago

Driving back over the Golden Gate bridge and into the city to get to the airport

Lucy was very interested in the safety information located in the seat pockets

Playing on the iPad and twirling her hair (a sure sign that she's tired)

And of course Lucy literally fell asleep as we were landing in Chicago from San Francisco
All in all, the trip was pretty much perfect and while traveling with a toddler is definitely more exhausting and not quite as relaxing, it's still fun....although I wouldn't mind taking an adults only vacation soon!


emily said...

glad the trip went so great! lucy was adorable in her flower girl dress!

Jamie Kulik said...

Love Lucy's flower girl dress! I would love to be somewhere warm in January! We're in the middle of a blizzard right now.

benilhalk said...

It’s good that your trip went so great! Your little daughter enjoyed a lot in that wedding ceremony. I love her pretty white dress. Well, we have also been preparing to attend my friend’s destination wedding. This ceremony is going to be held at a pretty Wedding location in Chicago.