Wednesday, February 4, 2015

ClassPass Columbus

When I was contacted in December about getting a complimentary month of ClassPass when it came to Columbus, I jumped at the chance!  I decline a lot of the blog offers I get but if involves free fitness classes at some awesome studios around Columbus, I will be all over it. 
So what exactly is ClassPass? 
Well, with ClassPass, you get unlimited monthly classes at local fitness and yoga studios like Pure Barre and PAI Yoga and Fitness.  You can take as many classes as you want with ClassPass, and you'll pay just $79 per month no matter how often you workout. There's no commitment required, and you may return to each studio up to 3 times each month.  It's an awesome way to go to a bunch of different studios without having to buy classes or memberships at each studio.
How was my experience with ClassPass?
I was able to use my ClassPass for a full month free of charge and unfortunately, I only made it to 4 classes.  We were out of town for a week and the timing of a lot of the classes just didn't work out with my schedule. I went to one RPM (Spinning) class at Flow Studio and three Pure Barre classes (I couldn't pass up free Pure Barre classes when they normally cost $23/class although now I'm on a barre kick).  PAI Yoga & Fitness, where I teach Spin/TRX, is also a participating studio and one I highly recommend, but I can already take classes there for free since I'm an instructor.  I was really bummed I never made it to a PiYo class at either Brickhouse Cardio Club or The Fitness Loft but again, the time of the classes wasn't convenient for me. 
I told Todd that had I had this opportunity before Lucy, I would've gone to 2-3 classes/week but now it's really challenging to make it to classes because obviously someone always needs to be home with Lucy, and Todd is typically gone from 7:00 AM--6:00 PM for work.  The other issue was that we live about 20 minutes north of downtown Columbus and quite a few of the studios were in that area.  Again, time became an issue and I couldn't always justify driving almost an hour there & back just to take an hour-long class.  I know ClassPass is brand new to Columbus and in the month it's been around, they've already added 7 new studios to the list so I know many more will be added, some of which I'm hoping will be closer to me.  While I won't continue using my ClassPass, I would consider it if a few other studios joined such as barre3, System of Strength, or Orange Theory Fitness.
If you're interested in buying a ClassPass, use this referral link to bypass the waiting list!

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emily said...

i looked in to it since my friend in NYC loves it, but it was so expensive and a lot of the classes didn't work out with my schedule/location. i pay a third of that price and can go to the gym at any time of the day, so i've decided to stick with them and their classes.