Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Kitchen Backsplash

The good thing about being stuck inside during the winter because of the cold and snow is that it's the perfect time to do home improvement projects.  Let's be honest, once the warm weather hits, I'd much rather be outside at the pool or zoo with Lucy & Todd than inside on DIY projects.  Last weekend, we were able to cross another project off our never ending list when Todd put in a subway tile backsplash for the kitchen.  It turned out great and took him about 3 afternoons (a few hours each day) to complete it and part of that was because he needed it to dry before he could grout.  Funny thing to note was that at one point, I asked Todd how he knew he needed to use spacers in between some of the tiles and he said he watched a video on You Tube.  Good to know that he learned how to do this in a 15 minute video.
Before on the left (it was just light yellow paint); after on the right (we rearranged the stuff on the countertop too so it didn't look as cluttered)

Another view of before....the wall looks white but it's actually a really light yellow (of course, after we had it painted, I wished we had picked a brighter yellow)

Todd loves home improvement projects because it means buying more tools and machines!  He had to buy this saw to cut some of the tile

Putting up the full sheets of tile before putting in the smaller cut pieces

Another small section completed

Putting in a few of the small pieces of tile underneath the microwave

Todd putting on the grout

Backsplash done
The finished look


Sara said...

This looks AMAZING! :) I love it!

Debra Newman said...

Adding a backsplash in the kitchen truly brings character in the room, even though it is just a minor improvement. It really takes a long time to finish the tiles, but the finished product is truly quite elegant and stunning. I could even see that the corner of the kitchen where you applied the backsplash pops out more in the room now compared to how it looked before. Thank you for sharing a glimpse into your kitchen!

Debra Newman @ Unique Stone Concepts