Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Early Visit with the Easter Bunny

Our church had a breakfast with the Easter bunny on Saturday morning that we went to with my parents.  It seemed a bit early since Easter is a month away but I think this was the only weekend the church was able to have it.  Before we even sat down to eat, Lucy was already checking out the Easter bunny.  She was waving and seemed excited so we let her sit on his (or her?) lap and she did so much better than with Santa Claus!  She was content for a little bit (and even cracked a smile) before she didn't want anything to do with sitting on his lap.  After, we ate breakfast and then Lucy was able to play some games and do some crafts & cookie decorating.  I think she had a great time & I'm glad we went.
Lucy with the Easter bunny

Caught part of her smile

Looking for Easter eggs

Lucy was very intrigued by the Easter bunny and went up numerous times to wave or give him an Easter egg

She wanted to sit on his lap again to get a better look at his face

Helping her open some Easter eggs

My little lefty decorating cookies

Adding the sprinkles

And eating some icing

One more time over to say hi

This time, she wanted to sit in the chair next to him

Coloring with Grandpa
Look at her curl!  I get so excited to see some curls in her hair because there's nothing cuter than baby curls

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BeckyJo606 said...

So cute! I love that your church does this without worry about all of the lines and stress. Lucy's curls are so darling too :)