Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Spring is Here!

When I heard it was supposed to be close to 60 degrees last Saturday, on the first full day of Spring, I knew I wanted to head to the Columbus Zoo with Todd & Lucy.  At the last minute on Friday afternoon, I texted a bunch of my friends to invite them & their families to join us.  Since it was last minute,  I figured most people would already have plans but somehow everyone was available and the 21 one of us (12 adults + 9 kids) met for a big "play date" at the zoo.  It was so much fun to see all our little ones interact while the adults were able to hang out and catch up.  The only downfall was that since we went when the zoo opened at 10:00 AM, it was still pretty chilly for the first hour or so that we were there so coats, hats, and gloves were necessary for some of the kids.  I'm hoping we'll be able to get together a few more times this summer at some local parks or splash pads.
The best picture we could get of the 7 older kids (the other 2 kids aren't walking)

I was able to hang out with 4 of my good girlfriends from high school as well as one our good guy friends plus our spouses

Lucy at the manatee exhibit watching the sting rays

Lucy also rode the carousel for the first time!  She enjoyed it for about half the ride then wanted daddy to hold her

Todd & Lucy

Watching the gorillas

They came up really close to the glass and Lucy was pretty excited

After a few hours at the zoo, we headed home for lunch and nap time.  While Lucy napped, Todd had his friend over to bottle the beer that they made last month and I watched basketball.  My parents had offered to watch Lucy for us that evening so we could go out to dinner so we made sure Lucy was in an extra special outfit that we knew they'd love.  

Lucy in her UK cheerleader outfit

While Grandma & Grandpa watched Lucy, Todd & I headed just down the street to downtown Powell for dinner at Kraft House No. 5.  It's been open now for almost a year and we finally got a chance to check it out. 

Kraft House No. 5

Always need a dinner selfie

Todd got a flight of beer

I had their burger & fries

Todd had the BLT which had the thickest bacon I've ever was practically a slice of ham

After dinner, we walked across the street to Jeni's where I picked up an Oatmeal Cream ice cream sandwich to eat at home
We were back to my parents' a little before 8:00 PM to pick up our little cheerleader.  She must've had a fun time running around because she fell right asleep that night when we put her to bed.
Photo shoot with Grandpa

All smiles

She was showing me her book when we went to pick her up

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