Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Afternoon at the Park

After what seemed like a week straight of rain, the weather finally cleared up & we had perfect weather for the weekend.  Our sliding shelves we ordered for our pantry were delivered last week so Todd spent Saturday trimming them down a bit so they'd fit and painting them white to match our kitchen.  We also went to Easton on Saturday to pick up a few gifts (and perhaps a new purse for me!) and had dinner at Rusty Bucket.  On Sunday, Todd installed the drawers (I need to take some pictures to post) and then we went to the park after Lucy was up from her nap.
We went to a "new to us" park near our house and Lucy had so much fun running around, going down the slide (no less than 50 times), and trying to climb up things that she was just a little to small to climb up.  There were like 5 playgrounds at the park, although I think a couple of them were actually the school playgrounds that happen to be right next to the park, and Lucy had to check them all out before we settled on one that seemed the most age appropriate and had the least amount of kids on it. 
Climbing up the steps 

Marching right past daddy to the slide

Too distracted to even look at me while waving hi

Every time Lucy would go down the slide, she'd flip over to go down on her belly

Made it safely to the bottom

Such a happy girl when she can be playing outside

Going down the double slides with me

Checking out another slide

We ventured over to another playground

Not quite strong enough to do the monkey bars by herself

The only way we could pull her away from the playground was if Todd put her on his shoulders
I see lots of visits to this park in the upcoming months!

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emily said...

how is she getting so big?? she looks like child and not a baby anymore!! :)