Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Easter 2015

We spent Easter weekend in Leetonia with Todd's family this year and had so much fun with Lucy.  Definitely a lot different than last year when she was only sitting and couldn't even crawl yet! 
Before church on Easter morning, Lucy found her Easter basket and presents from the Easter bunny.  She is set for our summer vacation at the beach this year with a new bathing suit, flamingo towel, flip flops, cover up, sun hat, and monogrammed cup.  Lucy also got a few snacks, book, and Little People car.

Lucy's Easter basket this year

She was really excited about her goldfish crackers, plastic eggs (she really didn't care much about what was in them, just liked opening them), and her new cup

Taking everything out one by one

Trying to open an egg

Playing with the straw on her new cup

Smiling for mommy

Back to playing with her cup

She looks like such a big girl here

Quick family picture before church

After church, we went over to Todd's sister's house and the grandkids got more Easter baskets from MaMa & PaPa as well as small baskets from their aunts & uncles.  The kids all played for a bit and then we got a few more family pictures before the rest of the family showed up for Easter lunch.

The 3 grandkids and their Easter loot

I think it's impossible to get 3 kids to all look and smile at the same camera

 Lucy trying to open her bag of marshmallows

Playing with her new stuffed animal

And also playing with her cousins' play kitchen

Another picture of the 3 of us

 MaMa & PaPa and their grandkids

The whole family together

Lucy was playing with Andrew's new rocket launcher

Within a few minutes of everyone showing up for lunch, our day took a turn for the worse as Lucy took a tumble down a short flight of wooden stairs.  I know she looks like a big girl but she definitely isn't ready to walk down the steps like a big kid and unfortunately she took a nasty spill.  Within seconds, she had the biggest goose egg I've ever seen on her forehead so Todd & I took her to the local ER to get checked out.  They did some x-rays (which she cried more about than the actual fall) and found no fractures and they didn't think she had a concussion since she didn't throw up or lose consciousness but it was still pretty scary.  Once we got back to the house for a late Easter lunch, Lucy was acting like her normal self and her bump had already gone down to about half the original size.  She probably will end up with a nice black eye in a couple days, just in time for her 18 month well visit with her pediatrician.

Hanging out in triage at the ER

 Her bump

A view from the side on the way back to the house from ER and this was about half the original size
Unfortunately because of our ER trip, we didn't get to enjoy as much time with all the family as we would have liked as we had to still drive back home that evening.  The good thing though is that we'll be back up in a couple weeks for our nephew's 1st communion and should see most of them then.  Let's hope we don't make any more ER visits on our next trip though!

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emily said...

oh that goose egg looks horrible! at least she was ok. but her face in that one picture is just pitiful! :(