Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Mother's Day Weekend

The weather we had most of last week & weekend felt like the middle of the summer and I couldn't have loved it more.  I've been dying for some warm weather so I could finally get to do things with Lucy that I've always wanted to do.  Because of my 2 back surgeries last summer (June & August) and not being able to hold or pick her up for most of the summer, it seemed like I missed out on doing a lot of things I wanted to do with her and now I need to make up for lost time.  I really just want to soak in every moment this summer with her.

On my day off on Friday, after I subbed a TRX class at PAI Yoga & Fitness & went to the Y for my own workout (by the way, Lucy does great going to the child watch area, it took a couple months but she has no problem with me leaving her for about an hour & she loves to play with all the "new" toys), we walked down to Murphy Park, which is at the entrance to our neighborhood.  She ran around quite a bit as well as going down the slide.  We walked back home to eat lunch and then since it was so hot outside, I put Lucy's swimsuit on her and we went outside so she could play with her new water table.  My mom scored this brand new, in the box, never used water table at a garage sale last summer and I've been anxiously waiting to get it out for Lucy to play with.  Between playing/splashing with the water table and me spraying her with hose (which she loved), she lasted almost an hour outside.  All that playing wore her out and she took an extra long nap that afternoon.

Enjoying my iced caramel macchiato from Starbucks (I had a free drink loaded onto my card!) in my new Tervis cup that Lucy picked out for me (with a little help from Grandma) on our walk to the park

Enjoying her water table

Scooping water out 
I'd say she's having fun!
We didn't have any real plans on Saturday because Todd had to go into work for most of the day but the big accomplishment was Lucy finally letting me pull her hair up.  I've literally been trying for months and after some bribery with my phone,  she was more than willing for me to put it up.  
Umm, why does she look a lot older than 1.5 here?
Dying over how cute her hair is

Before Todd went to work, he spent some of the morning making a cake for me for Mother's Day.  He had found a recipe in Food & Wine a few months back and knew I'd love the Brown Butter Layer Cake with Dark Chocolate Mousse Filling & Rich Chocolate Buttercream.  (By the way, he was right, it was delicious although very time consuming to make).
Making the cake batter

Once Todd left for work at lunch time, I took Lucy for a short walk then we stopped back by the house to get the stroller and went over to the park again.  Luckily, she doesn't get bored yet doing the same thing a couple days in a row.  After she played for about a half hour and was pretty sweaty, we came back home for her nap.

Taking a quick break from playing to grab a drink of water

Todd got home from work at dinner time with flowers in hand for Mother's Day and Raising Cane's.   I'm pretty sure we get food from there at least 1-2/x month.  Anyways, once Lucy was in bed for the night, Todd finished up the cake (he still needed to make the buttercream frosting) and we enjoyed a piece of it while watching a movie. 

Pretty flowers

Todd's cake with the recipe in the background (and Todd's cake pretty much looked identical to the recipe)

This was at the end of the weekend after we'd each eaten a couple pieces but I can't brag about him enough and how he did such a great job on the cake...seriously, he actually bought a vanilla bean and scraped the seeds from the inside like the recipe called for.  I'm pretty sure I would've been fine with a cake from a box mix but he really wanted to make this from scratch

Mother's Day was such a perfect day and we didn't even really do anything big to celebrate.  I got up early and was at the grocery store by 6:30 AM and then subbed another class at PAI.  When I got home, Lucy had a card for me.  She even "signed" her name inside, it was really cute.

 Lucy & I reading my card

We took my parents out for lunch at The Chintz Room, which is downtown where the old Lazarus used to be at City Center.  In fact, The Chintz Room was the restaurant that used to be in Lazarus and they opened a new one up just last year.  They brought back a few of their popular items like the Chicken Salad Sandwich and their Pecan Ball and we all thought that our food we ordered was great.  After lunch, we walked across the street to the Columbus Commons to let Lucy ride the carousel and to let her run around a bit.

The Chintz Room

So lucky to be her mama

My chicken salad sandwich with hand-cut fries (and mimosa to drink!) was delicious

Lucy & I with my mom and dad (I realized after the fact that Todd isn't in any of the pictures but I swear he was there!)

Riding the carousel

There was so much green space at the Commons for her to run around in, we might have to go down there more often (she kept pointing to the carousel as she was running around)
The rest of Mother's Day was spent cleaning all the windows & washing all the screens in our house while Lucy napped (which took her entire nap time) and then we had pizza for our normal Sunday night pizza night before indulging in another piece of delicious cake.  

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