Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Summer Saturday

I always think of summer starting right after Memorial Day and our first summer Saturday this past weekend did not disappoint.  It was hot, humid, and sunny (for most of the day) and we took full advantage by cramming in as much as possible before Lucy's nap.  We started off  by going on our first family run (3 miles!), went to Zoombezi Bay for a little over an hour (the best part of having a season pass is being able to go for just an hour or two), went for a short walk, and Lucy played with her water table while Todd washed the cars.
Pre-run family selfie

First time at Zoombezi Bay this year, and now that Lucy is a lot more mobile than last year, it's a whole different ball game taking her (By the way, she looks mad in this picture because we made her take a picture before she could get in the pool)

Getting splashed

Holding daddy's hand while checking everything out

And within a few minutes, all she wanted to do was go down this slide over & over again

Taking her baby for a stroll

And then Lucy wanted to help wash the car

So instead, I put her back in her bathing suit and got out her water table

Reading after her nap
I'm so excited for the upcoming months and so many fun things to do outside with Lucy this summer.  She loved Zoombezi Bay and we only stayed for a short bit so she'll go crazy when we actually show her some of the other areas of the water park.

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