Thursday, July 23, 2015

Mom & Me Daisy Dash 2015

 On Sunday morning, we drove over to Easton for the Mom & Me Daisy Dash.  Lucy was signed up for the Mini Me 100 Yard Dash and then I pushed her in the jogging stroller for the 3 mile run/walk.  It was such a fun morning and the event was very family oriented.  It was nice too because the race itself (1 mile run/walk and 3 mile run/walk) was laid back and low key.  In fact, it wasn't even timed and the 3 mile race was actually only 2.85 mile (of course I still wore my Garmin!) Seeing as how I'm a fairly competitive person when it comes to running and I'm really not running any more, this was perfect for me because I didn't feel the pressure to go all out and run hard to beat people or race the clock.  I will admit though I was a little excited when I found out I finished third & the only reason I knew that was because when the 3 mile race met back up with the 1 mile race before the finish, someone directing the runners was cheering and told me I was the 3rd runner in from the 3 mile race.  The most important thing though, well, besides having fun with Lucy, was that my back didn't bother me once during the race and I actually ran the entire way (8:58 pace).  I'm definitely not planning on running any more races any time soon but would love to be able to do this one every summer as long as Lucy wants to. 
Lucy got her own race shirt and wanted to put it on right away

Although it doesn't look like it from the picture, she was very interested in the bee that was walking around

Start of the Mini Me 100 Yard Dash

Running with Lucy

Waving to daddy

Excited to see him!
After her race

Taking a break in between her race and my race to read a book to her baby (one of the sponsors of the race was American Girl so all the girls were encouraged to bring their dolls)

Lined up for the 3 mile race

 We're off!

Right before the 1 mile was really hot & humid on Sunday morning and I was impressed by all the young girls who were able to run/walk the 3 miles

Smiling for the camera

And on our way back after the 2 mile mark

Coming up to the finish line

We did it!

 So proud of my girl! We both got medals for our races and she carried hers around with her the rest of the day

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emily said...

That's such a cute race! But she does look scared of the bee!!

Great seeing you last night. :)