Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Summer Days at the Pool & Zoo

After being out of town for what seemed like all the weekends with great weather in Columbus the past couple months, we finally were home this past weekend and took advantage of the warm, sunny days. 
We met our friends, Jay & Sara, along with their 2 kids, at their house on Saturday morning so we could walk together to the Worthington Farmers' Market.  We stopped for a cinnamon roll and some fresh fruits & veggies while walking around.  Once we were done walking around the market, we let the kids (well, not the baby) run around a bit in the grassy area before walking back to their house.
Me & Sara with the kids

Todd had to go in to work all afternoon so Lucy & I met my dad at the Wedgewood pool for some swimming.  We were there for 2.5 hours and Lucy had so much fun.  We just started swim lessons again with her this year and she is definitely a water baby!  I swear she could jump into the pool from the edge for hours.  We spent the first part of the time in the baby pool, had lunch, then went over to the main pool until it was time to go home.

Grandpa & Lucy playing in the baby pool

Lucy said "cheese" but forgot to look at the camera

Lunch break

Warming up & drying off before going home
One of my hobbies is to stalk the weather.  Seriously, I will check the 45 day forecast on Accuweather to see what it's supposed to be like in a month knowing full well that it will change 100 times until then.  On Sunday, it was supposed to be rainy and dreary so Todd & I wanted to take Lucy to COSI and then maybe stop by Land Grant Brewing for a beer afterwards.  We had only driven a block or so from our house when we nixed those plans and headed to the zoo instead.  It had rained earlier in the morning but at that point, it was sunny and there were no dark clouds in the sky.  We live less than 5 minutes from the zoo so we figured if the weather turned bad, we'd just head back home, no big deal.  Luckily, that wasn't the case and we were able to spend almost 2 hours at the zoo before deciding to head home for lunch, change into swimsuits, and go back to Zoombezi Bay for a little bit.  We have a membership that is good for both the zoo & Zoombezi Bay and I've been disappointed this year that we'd only gone to Zoombezi Bay once so far.  Even though it ended up being a little cloudy in the afternoon, it was great because there was hardly anyone at Zoombezi Bay and we didn't have to worry about finding a chair, waiting for a inner tube for the lazy river, etc.
We went to the Heart of Africa area first at the zoo so Lucy could feed the giraffes 

 She ran right over with her lettuce to feed it
 Reaching up to put the lettuce on it's tongue
 Got it!

Lucy let me feed the giraffe too
Lucy playing in the jeep

Checking out the sleeping lion with daddy

There's an old airplane that's part of the lion exhibit

Lucy climbed in and looked out the window to get a better view of the sleeping lion

Flying the plane

Posing with the polar bears

She was very fascinated by the bear's nostrils on the sculpture

Family selfie

One of Lucy's favorite parts of the zoo is waving to the train as it goes by

Taking a ride on the train

Petting the goats

After a quick lunch at home, we went to Zoombezi and spent most of our time at the little kids' area

About to go down a little slide

She likes the bigger ones better though

All wet!

On our way out from Zoombezi Bay, we stopped by Stingray Bay to touch some stingrays
Oh, and don't worry, I've already looked ahead for this weekend and it looks we should have at least one nice, sunny day to enjoy at the pool!

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emily said...

my mom is also obsessed with the weather forecasts. we were away from ohio for 12 days, but she gave us play by play of the ohio weather every time she got a notification.