Thursday, July 30, 2015

Summer Night at the Ballpark

After two unsuccessful attempts at going to Dime-A-Dog night at the Clippers game, our local AAA baseball team, due to Lucy having pink eye and tickets being sold out, we finally made it on Monday evening.  It had been a pretty hot & humid day but it really didn't feel too bad at the game and the sun wasn't beating down on us which helped.  Game time was at 7:00 PM and we got there around 6:15 PM and were surprised at how quiet and dead it seemed.  We were told it was a sold out game but even by 7:30 PM, there were still plenty of empty seats.  In fact, this was the first dime-a-dog we'd been to where we didn't have to wait in line for hot dogs for more than 5 minutes.  We had great seats and Lucy seemed to have a good time until about 8:00 PM which is when we decided to get ice cream and then head home.  Todd is planning another evening to the ballpark with his coworkers at the end of August so I'm looking forward to going back again!
Lucy had to stop and pose at everything...we seriously have her trained well

She's good at saying cheese but isn't good at actually looking in the direction of the camera
Another example of that

Enjoying dinner in our seats (Lucy dined on a fruit/vegetable pouch, hot dog, and raisins) 

First bite of the ballpark hot dog

But she decided she'd rather just have the hot dog and no bun

Much easier to eat

View of the game from our seats

Standard family selfie
Todd & I watched part of the game while Lucy decided she wanted to look at daddy's phone

Splitting my ice cream brownie sundae with Lucy

On our way out, we had to stop for some more photos
 I think cut out photos are my favorite

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