Thursday, August 20, 2015

4 Years

The years just keep flying by and I can't believe Todd & I are celebrating our 4th anniversary today.  I'm so incredibly lucky to have him by my side (and for him to put up with me when I get a little "crazy") and Lucy is lucky to have him as an amazing daddy.  

Our wedding day

1st anniversary dinner at The Olde Pink House in Savannah

 2nd anniversary dinner at Lindey's

 3rd anniversary before dinner at Hudson 29 

Tonight, we plan on going to dinner as a family to Milestone 229 and then will enjoy our anniversary cake from Piece of Cake after Lucy is asleep (we all know I don't do well with sharing my dessert!)

If the weather holds out, we have plans to go to a nice dinner at Mitchell's Steakhouse tomorrow night while Lucy spends the night at her grandparents' house and then taking a hot air balloon ride on Saturday morning.

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