Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Another Busy But Fun Weekend

Just a quick recap about our busy weekend...and I really hope the next few weekends are a bit more low key as we don't have a ton planned.  On my day off on Friday, Lucy & I had to swing by my office to grab some stuff that I needed on Monday morning when I had to work at another site.  We then went to COSI for Farm Days and to play in the Little Kid Space before meeting my dad at his office downtown and walking to the Columbus Commons for the Food Truck Festival.  It was a busy morning/early afternoon and I didn't get much down time during Lucy's nap since we were having a bunch of friends over that evening for pizza, beer, and s'mores.  We had invited over 4 of Todd's friends from work along with their wives (who I've become friends with the past few years) and kids.  I think there were 17 of us in total.  While everyone met at our house and walked over to the Daily Growler to pick up some beer, I picked up 5 pizzas from Taranto's (my absolute favorite pizza place).  After eating, drinking, and hanging out, we started up the fire pit and made some s'mores.  It was such a fun night and made it easy to put Lucy to bed when she was tired since we were at our house!

Lucy trying to log in to my work computer

Posing at COSI 

My cute little chicken

Watching the cows

Driving a tractor

Milking a "cow"

We ate at Loops food truck

Lucy & Grandpa eating lunch at the Columbus Commons

My gyro and fries were delicious!

Riding the carousel

Beautiful day at the Commons

Some of our friends eating pizza on the patio

Sharing a s'more with Lucy


Roasting marshmallows

Todd took Lucy to the river on Saturday with his parents and sister's family.  They have a spot with a cabin on an island on the Ohio River between Ohio and West Virginia.  Anyways, Todd hadn't been in a couple years and was excited to take Lucy for her first time.  I had a million things that have been on my to do list (things that are 10 times more difficult to get done with a toddler in tow) so I stayed home and got almost everything checked off my list.  Trust me, it wasn't exactly how I would've wanted to spend a day to myself (that would've involved laying out at the pool, getting a massage or pedicure, etc.) but I was very thankful that Todd was fine with me hanging back while he took Lucy to the river (which is a 2.5+ hour drive).  Todd said Lucy had a great time and she even learned how to do a somersault!  I was a little bummed I missed seeing it for the first time but she showed me plenty of times on Sunday.

Lucy with PaPa & MaMa on the boat to get to the island

Jumping off the boat

Hanging on the back of the boat (while it was docked) with her cousins & PaPa

Lucy & Todd tubing

Sunday morning we went to Zoombezi Bay right when they opened and spent a few hours there before I had to go to my quarterly staff meeting at PAI Yoga & Fitness. By the time I got home and cleaned up the house a bit, one of Todd's friends was already on his way over for dinner.  His wife was also supposed to come but she ended up having her family in town and didn't want to ditch them.  The main reason he was coming over was so they could start planning their friend's bachelor party as well as try to figure out when we were all planning on traveling to go to their wedding which is next May in Mexico! 

About to go down the whale slide 

One of Lucy's favorite slides at Zoombezi Bay....whenever we say we're going there, she always mentions the whale and his eye

Going down a very small slide

Our anniversary is this week so we have some plans for the weekend to celebrate that as well as a birthday party to attend but other than that, we don't have anything else planned!  Hoping for some more nice weather and another trip to the pool or Zoombezi Bay.

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