Thursday, August 6, 2015

Enjoying the Summer Weather

The weather the past few weekends has more than made up for the terrible weather we had in June and the first part of July.  Although, I will admit, I LOVE hot weather and am kind of sad we only had a couple 90 degree days here so far.  With that being said, we took full advantage of the sunshine and warm weather to spend as much time as possible outside as we could this past weekend.

On Friday evening, we enjoyed a night with our friends.  We went over to Jay & Sara's house (the couple whose wedding Todd & I met at) and while Todd & Jay hung out at the house with the kids, Sara & I walked down to House Wine in downtown Worthington for a nice, relaxing girls' night.  It was much needed and a win-win since Todd was still able to hang out with his friend and I was able to hang out with my friend. 

On Saturday morning, Lucy & I met my parents at Adventure Park in Powell for KidsFest. Todd has been wanting to work on some things around the house (like the basement) so I took Lucy out so he could get stuff done.  It was surprisingly a lot more fun than I anticipated.  There was a balloon lady there so Lucy picked out a monkey in a tree balloon (which she carried around the rest of the day), games to play, inflatables, touch-a-truck, and a playground to play on.  Needless to say, Lucy had a fun morning!

Admiring her monkey in a tree balloon

She was so excited about this thing!

Spinning the wheel to win a prize

There was a bounce house there as well as this huge slide so I went down the slide with her

Waiting in line with Grandma & Grandpa

Climbing up the stairs to the top

It was a lot steeper and faster than I thought it would be

 We made it to the bottom!

Checking to see what Lucy thought of it

Sitting in a Powell police car

One of her absolute favorite things: going down the slide...or as she calls it, the weeeee (because that's what she says as she goes down)

And she's pointing to another one of her favorite things, the train going by

I had to teach a private TRX class for a bachelorette party that afternoon while Todd was able to spend time with Lucy.  After her nap, we decided to head somewhere different and new to us for dinner and drove 15 minutes north to eat at Bun's Restaurant in downtown Delaware.  The big selling point to eat here was the huge outdoor patio and it did not disappoint. After dinner, we walked around a bit and found a couple more restaurants and a brewery we'd like to go back to. It'd been a long time since I'd been to downtown Delaware and it was a really cute area.

Big sign over the street pointing to Bun's Restaurant

Outdoor patio

Half of the patio is covered (where the bar is) and the other half isn't covered

Happy family

 Sunday was absolutely gorgeous out, not a cloud in the sky, so Lucy & I met my dad at the pool while Todd worked on the basement again.  I do feel bad that Todd worked so much this weekend on the house but he claims he actually enjoys doing it.  I, on the other hand, would much rather pay someone to do it for me but that's just because I'd have no idea what I was doing.

Todd coloring with Lucy (my little lefty!) before we left to go to the pool

She always wants to start in the baby pool and then we make our way over to the big pool

Grandpa helping Lucy water the flowers

Rest period = lunch time

Todd building walls while we were at the pool

Todd ended up working for a good 5 or 6 hours that afternoon and got quite a bit of work done.  Next week, he's renting a truck from work and will be getting supplies to finish up our laundry room makeover.  We also have a trip to Pittsburgh planned for Saturday so we can visit Aunt Nancy, who we haven't seen since Lucy was 2 weeks old, and will be visiting the Pittsburgh zoo.

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