Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Lucy's 1st Haircut

Lucy had her 1st haircut last week!  We took her to the same place I get my hair cut, J. Bentley, because her first haircut is free plus they have a little photo studio set up for before and after pics that they print off and give to you before you leave.  I didn't take the time to scan them in to post on here but they looked like school pictures which made Lucy seem like such a big girl.

We only had them trim off a half inch since all she really needed was the ends to all be the same length.  Lucy did great though, sat very still and never once fussed or anything even when they got out the blow dryer and round brush to "straighten" her hair.  

Wetting her hair down and combing it so it was straight 

Following instructions well and sitting still while looking straight ahead

Hmmm...what is this lady doing to my hair?

Looking at herself in the mirror

 All cut and now it's time to dry and straighten it

She seems to enjoy the blow dryer

 She wasn't so sure about this part

Admiring her new hair in the mirror

Lucy seemed quite pleased with her haircut!

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emily said...

she is so adorable!