Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Lucy's Weekend with her BFF

What a difference a week makes in the weather this time of year!  Last weekend, it was almost 90 and we were at the pool and this past weekend, I was in jeans & long sleeves while it was only in the high 60s.  We had one of those weekends where we didn't really have anything planned, besides me having to work on Sunday, but it ended up being pretty busy.

On Saturday, Lucy & I went to the Made Local Marketplace which was held just a couple miles from our house at the Bridgewater Banquet Center.  There were a ton of vendors selling anything from locally made cookies, hair bows, shirts, jewelry, and home decor.  There was so much cute stuff that I literally could've bought something from every single vendor but instead I settled on shirt for me and a hat for Lucy.  Afterwards, we drove over to the zoo to meet Lynn, Nathan, and Olive for their Touch-A-Truck event.  Lucy & Olive weren't totally captivated by the trucks so we ended up venturing over to the zoo to see some animals.  My heart melted as we watched Lucy & Olive hold hands and walk together.  In fact, Lucy refused to hold my hand the rest of the time and only wanted to hold Olive's.  I didn't realize it was uncool to hold hands with mom when you're two now!  I figured I had a few more years left.

Entrance to the banquet center with all the vendors set up

Lucy & I on the way out

I bough a cute baseball tee for me from Bend Active

And an adorable hat for Lucy with interchangeable flowers from Little Bea Boutique

At the zoo's Touch-A-Truck event, Lucy was obsessed with this safety boat that a guy was using a remote control to move around and was talking into a mic for its voice...anyways, Lucy chased this boat around for like 10-15 min and kept trying to give it her bag of goodies (hey, at least she's good at sharing)

We also got to see them take the flamingos on a walk and they stopped to stomp around in the puddle

Lucy sitting in the back of a medic

Driving the Blue Jackets' zamboni

Riding with Olive

Holding hands as we walk around the zoo to find the lions

Seriously, is this not the cutest thing?

Watching the monkeys

On Sunday, I had to work an annual event, similar to a Touch-A-Truck event, where my work had a booth and we set up a mini obstacle course for kids to run through.  It's always slammed with kids so we're busy and the time goes by fast but it's not exactly how I want to spend part of my weekend.  Lucy was lucky enough to hang out with her BFF again, Olive.  They had a fun few hours playing and eating lunch together and I'm so glad they're finally at an age where they actually interact & play with each other.
Lucy feeding her doll before I went in to work

Lucy & Olive hanging out

Looking out the window

Coloring together

Of course, holding hands again

And playing with the kitchen

And I had another 4 day weekend (although not technically since I worked on Sunday) because Lucy started preschool on Monday and I was able to take off to go to her first day.  I'll have a few pictures up tomorrow about that.

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Jamie Philibin said...

Hi Jenny!

This is Jamie from Little Bea Boutique! I stumbled upon your blog by googling my shop ha! I was a little bored. Anyways, thank you so much for posting the link to my site! I wanted to point out on the hat that the flower is backwards...I'm not sure if you knew that or not :) It's cuter the other way, in my opinion!

I really like your blog by the way. My husband and I are running the Columbus half in a few weeks.... Nervous and excited!

Thanks again!