Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Morning at Leed's Farm

On Saturday morning, I took Lucy to Leeds Farm, which is in Ostrander and about a 20 minute drive from our house.  I hadn't mentioned this before but Todd has been in Japan for the past two weeks so I've been doing the single parent gig and have been trying to find things to keep Lucy entertained so we're not just sitting around the house all weekend long.  Thankfully, he comes back tomorrow.

Anyways, this was the first weekend Leeds was open and since we'd never been before, I figured we'd go check it out.  It ended up being so much fun and I can't wait until Lucy is a little bit bigger so she can do all the activities they offer.  We spent a little over 2 hours there and easily could have spent longer if she was able to do everything.  She was able to play in the straw barn and go down the slide there, play in the corn boxes, feed the farm animals, and go on the hayride.  She could have gone down some of the bigger slides in another barn but I didn't notice them until we were leaving.  A few things we couldn't do this year were the zip lines, banana bus (she might have been able to do it but 1.) it wasn't recommended for kids under 3 and 2.) I'm not sure I trusted her to stay seated the entire ride), mountain slides, pumpkin jump, and pedal carts. 

Entrance to the farm

Checking out the straw fort

Climbing on the hay 

She loved going down this slide

She was really good at posing for photos because I would tell her I was sending them to daddy so she'd always smile and say "Hi, daddy!"

Feeding the goats

She wasn't quite tall enough to stick her face in the cutouts (there wasn't a box or steps to stand on) so she decided to pose in front of it

I love this one as she's trying to get her entire body through the cutout

One more posed picture

Playing in the corn boxes which was like a giant sandbox but with corn kernels instead of sand

Loading the trucks up with corn

She spent quite a bit of time playing in here

And then it was really fun when she figured out she could just dump handfuls of the corn on her head


On the hayride

Quality mommy & daughter time

And no trip would be complete without a pumpkin doughnut

One last run around the hay (I love how it looks like she's power walking)

And one more time down the slide before we left

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