Friday, October 2, 2015

Lucy at 2 Years

Lucy at 2 years on September 29, 2015

 Lucy turned 2 on September 29 which just blows my mind that she's already 2!  I definitely think the second year went by A LOT faster than the first year and I just love her at this age.  Knock on wood, while she has her moments, she hasn't really hit the terrible twos yet but I'm sure that's coming. Lucy is very independent, outgoing, curious, active, sweet, and empathetic.  If anyone is crying, she will walk up to them, get this sad look in her eyes, and give you a hug.  She really is just a little lover. She also just started going to preschool one day/week a few weeks ago and has done great!  My mom takes her and picks her up and on the first day, my mom dropped her off in the car line so a teacher got her out of the car and walked her into school and Lucy didn't even hesitate or turn back to look at my mom.  This is a good thing that she's comfortable being away from the people she's with the most but bad because she doesn't really seem to be afraid of strangers!  Also, on the first day, when the parents went in to pick up the kids, my mom said one of the boys started crying because he saw his mom but it wasn't quite time to leave yet which started a ripple effect and half the class started crying but luckily Lucy wasn't one of them.  Her teachers have been impressed with how well she's done considering she's the youngest kid in class (she made the age cutoff by 1 day so most kids are turning 3 during the school yea and she turned 2 a couple weeks into the school year).

It took awhile but Lucy is talking a lot more more now and can say her ABCs and count to 10.  She knows basic colors and shapes as well.  Looking back at her last update at 18 months it's crazy that she was hardly saying anything at that point.  Todd & I still have to decipher what she's saying sometimes but I can definitely figure out or know what she's saying 99% of the time while I'm sure other people who aren't around her as much have no idea what she's saying.  She will repeat everything we say and while she isn't forming long sentences yet, she can definitely put together 3-4 word phrases.

We also loosely started potty training in the past month.  Lucy seemed pretty interested in it awhile back and we didn't really do anything at that point because we thought she was still pretty young but then one morning I decided to put her on the potty right when she woke up to see what would happen.  It took her a few days before she finally peed on the potty and since then she's done pretty well.  She almost always will pee first thing in the morning and right before bed and she's even pooped quite a few times too but of course, when she's distracted playing, she doesn't do as well with telling us she has to go.  We still have her diapers but next week, I plan on putting her in underwear and attempting the "3 day training" so we'll see how she does after that.  The good thing is she doesn't have a wet diaper after her nap or overnight so I'm hoping we'll be able to get rid of diapers quickly once she figures it out during the day.

Weight: 26.4 lbs on Oct 1, 2015 at her 2 year appt (45th percentile)

Length: 35.5 inches on Oct 1, 2015 at her 2 year appt ( 89th percentile)

*I've heard that if you double your kid's height at 2 years old, that will be an estimate of how tall they'll eventually be.  If that's actually true, Lucy is going to be tall at 5'11"!  This might actually be a decent estimate too because I was only 32 inches when I was 2 (I was tiny) and so double that and I was predicted to be 5'4" and I'm actually 5'3".

Clothes: Wearing 18-24 month and 2T clothes, size 4 diapers (but hopefully not for much longer!), and size 5.5-6 shoe

Eating: She's a pretty good eater for the most part and isn't too picky although there are still some foods we can't get her to eat (ground beef, broccoli, chicken except in chicken nugget form to name a few) but then she surprises us and will eat pulled pork sandwiches, coleslaw, pickles, and peas (not all together obviously).  She loves cheese & crackers, yogurt, almost any fruit, and milk....oh, and of course, cookies.

Sleeping: Lucy takes one nap every day (in the afternoon for about 2-2.5  hours) and goes to bed at night typically between 8:00-8:30 PM and gets up around 7:00 AM

Likes: Reading books, Mickey Mouse & Daniel Tiger, going to the park, playing with her dolls & dressing them up, coloring (I think she's going to be a lefty!), stickers

Dislikes: Sometimes doesn't like being in her stroller & would rather walk, when we only read 2-3 books before bed instead of 10, when we don't let her play with the iPad

Milestones: Got 4 more teeth (April/May), first family vacation at the beach (June), first time at the family cottage in Laporte, PA (July), swim lessons (July), flipped car seat from rear facing to forward facing (September), started preschool (September)

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