Thursday, October 1, 2015

Lucy's Daniel Tiger 2nd Birthday Party

Lucy turned 2 on Tuesday and we had her birthday party a few days earlier on Sunday.  We invited family (my parents, Todd's parents, and Todd's sister's family) and a few friends. Even though her party this year was much more low key than last year (14 people vs. 40 people), I knew I still wanted to incorporate some sort of theme into it.  Lucy has been really into Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood and, more recently, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Since I started planning a couple months ago in July, she was definitely more interested in Daniel Tiger so that was the theme I went with. Unlike the "I Love Lucy" theme from her 1st birthday party, there were tons of ideas on Pinterest and Etsy for Daniel Tiger birthday parties so it was relatively easy to plan.  Everything went off without a hitch on party day and even the weather cooperated as we were able to sit outside to eat and the kids could run around.  All in all, I'd say everyone had a Grr-rific time!  

*I added the links to everything I bought at the end of the post*


Party favors for the kids were Daniel tiger character crayons and coloring pages

Even though it was more expensive, I'm so glad we ordered City BBQ for the main course so I didn't have to stress out about making that much food.  It actually worked out great and I only needed about an hour the morning of the party to make the rest of the food...

which included BBQ baked beans, fruit salad.....

corn bread muffins, and coleslaw

The dessert table (Todd's mom made the awesome birthday cake, I made the tiger tail pretzels, and I ordered the cookie platter from my normal cookie lady, Cookie Crumbs)

She always does such an amazing job on the cookies!

Close up of the cake

Lucy waiting for her guests to arrive

Greeting her friends at the door

Coloring with the party favors

Eating lunch outside with her cousin

Blowing bubbles

The girls playing together

Eating a tiger tail

Todd with the birthday girl (I was originally in this picture too but didn't realize the picture was being taken so I wasn't ready and was cropped out)

Celebrating our girl

Trying to blow out her candle

Todd had to lift her up to help her

So proud of herself

Lucy with MaMa & PaPa (Todd's parents)

Lucy with Grandma & Grandpa (my parents)

Lucy with her aunt, uncle, and cousins

Trying to sneak a few of the M&Ms off the cake

Todd's mom even made the inside of the cake look like tiger stripes


Enjoying her cake and ice cream

Opening presents

She immediately started looking at her new Daniel Tiger books as soon as she opened them

It looked like Christmas morning in our family many presents

Opening the last one

All the kids had to come check out everything

One more family photo once the party was over

Cookies: Cookie Crumbs
Lucy's dress: Jamie Lane Design
Lucy's hair clip: Baby Bear's No Slip Clips
Invitations: xHarpersHalosx
Crayon favors: Krazee Krayons
Personalized coloring pages: VStudio


emily said...

i can't believe she is 2!! Happy Birthday Lucy!

BeckyJo606 said...

So cute! I love the theme and the tiger stripes inside the cake! Also--I am going to check out your cookie girl! :)