Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Celebrating Todd's Birthday

Todd turned 35 on Sunday and we had a busy weekend filled with lots of celebration and fun!  I typically try to plan a little day trip for his birthday but when we got invited to our friends' son's birthday party that weekend, Todd decided to skip a day trip to go to the birthday party.  I'll have to keep my plans in mind though so if we find a free weekend maybe we can still go do something fun out of Columbus.  

We started Saturday off with a trip to Easton to try to get a head start on some Christmas shopping. We were able to knock a couple things off our list so that made me feel good.  After a quick lunch at home, we headed back out to Graeter's for the birthday party.  We skipped Lucy's nap in favor of going to the party and she did great!  You never know how your kid will be when they skip a nap but she was fine.  She had a blast going down the slides in the play area and then eating ice cream with the other kids.

She went down this slide a few times..

but LOVED the tunnel slide (in case you couldn't tell from the huge grin on her face)

Singing happy birthday to the birthday boy

After the party, we got home just in time for Todd & I to get ready for our night out to celebrate his birthday.  We dropped Lucy off at my parents' for the night and headed to the Short North for dinner at Press Grill.  It definitely wasn't fancy but this is where Todd wanted to go; he loves "bar food" and this fit the bill.  Press Grill also means a bit more to us as this is where we went on our first date back in July 2008.  After dinner, we went to see the new James Bond movie.  It was our first time at the movie theater in 2 years....the last movie we saw was one of the Hunger Games movies when Lucy's was just a couple months old.

Family photo before our night out

Ready for date night

Selfie at dinner

Turkey club for me, Press burger for Todd, and we split the cottage potatoes

Selfie at the theater (we were initially the only people there before it filled it up)

Since Lucy spent the night at my parents' and took her to church, Todd & I went to breakfast at Jack & Benny's Barnstormer Diner at the OSU Airport.  The original Jack & Benny's is on campus (and I hadn't been there in years) so we were excited to try out this newer location.  It was really small, only about 8-10 tables, but it was pretty cool because there was a window that opened a hanger where you could see the planes.  After we ate, we walked up to the tower and waited to see if we could watch any planes take off but it was pretty slow since it was Sunday morning and we didn't see any.

After my parents dropped Lucy off, we drove down to COSI so she could play for a bit before heading to Land Grant Brewing Company, which is right next to COSI, so Todd could try some new beers.

Todd's birthday celebration ended on Sunday night with presents and Black Forest Cake.

Outside Jack & Benny's Barnstormer Diner

Inside the restaurant (I love how there were pilots eating there too)

A view of the hanger

Chocolate chip pankcake for me, omelet for Todd, and we split a biscuit and shredded home fries

Up in the watch tower overlooking the runway

Lucy playing with the trains at COSI

Rolling balls down the slide (I should note, those are fake glasses Lucy is wearing; they have an eye doctor area in Kids' Space and Lucy loves to put on the fake glasses and wear them the rest of the time we're there)

Todd & his taster tray of beers


Lucy with the birthday boy

I forgot to buy candles so we had to reuse Lucy's 2 candle from her birthday in September

Helping daddy blow out his candle


Family photo

Reading birthday cards

Beer or alcohol are always part of Todd's presents

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