Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Halloween 2015

Halloween this year was so much fun!  I had asked Lucy a couple months ago what she wanted to be for Halloween and at first she said a wookie because there was one at the entrance to Target when they were promoting their Star Wars stuff (maybe that's a sign that I go to Target too much) but, luckily, she quickly changed her mind and settled on Mickey Mouse.  Forget Minnie that most little girls want to be, Lucy wanted to be Mickey.  I didn't want to buy a store bought costume, especially because I still wanted people to know Lucy was a girl and most of them had hats that covered up your hair & head.  I went to Pinterest and found the perfect inspiration.  We already had a black shirt and tights so I ordered the white gloves from Amazon and the red shorts & Mickey ears from Etsy.  The only DIY part of the costume was the yellow shoes.  I bought cheap canvas shoes from Walmart (from the boys section), bleached them white (they were a dark tan to start with), and then used fabric dye to color them yellow.  They turned out perfect!

Inspiration for Lucy's costume

Dressed up for Imagination Day at preschool

Most of central Ohio has their trick-or-treat night a few nights before Halloween but the suburb we live in always has it on Halloween every year.  This was great for us this year because we were able to go over to our friend's house on Thursday, which was their trick-or-treat night, so Lucy and her friend, Olive, could get together since they were Mickey & Minnie.  This totally wasn't planned but it was even more reason for us to get the girls together.  We got a few pictures of the girls and let Lucy go trick-or-treating at a few houses with Olive before coming home.  It was pretty chilly that night too so Lucy didn't put up much of a fuss about leaving early.

Love our little Mickey & Minnie...we didn't even prompt them to hold hands!

2 pairs of BFFs

And off they go!


They both loved getting treats in their pumpkin buckets

On Friday evening, we carved our pumpkin to set out for Halloween on Saturday night which was our trick-or-treat night.  We were just going to do a normal jack o'lantern but at the last minute I had the great idea of attempting a Mickey pumpkin.  The Disney website had a bunch of templates so we printed one off and about an hour later (thanks to Todd's carving skills), we had our Mickey pumpkin.

Lucy wasn't afraid to get her hands dirty & dove right in to clean out the inside

Poking holes in the template so we knew where to carve

Lucy wanted to help carve

Typically Todd doesn't let me use knives (true story, at least 50% of the time, I end up slicing my finger) but this was a special occasion

Lucy was pretty excited to see the finished product

Turned out even better than I expected

My parents came over on Halloween night to see Lucy dressed up in her costume for trick-or-treat. My mom was nice enough to stay behind to hand out candy to the kids while Todd, my dad, and I took Lucy out.  We ended up doing our whole street (probably 20ish houses) and Lucy's pumpkin bucket was almost filled when we got back to our house.  She loved going to each house and we had been practicing to say "trick-or-treat" and then "thank you" all week so she did really well.  My favorite was as soon as we'd leave one porch, she'd be running down the driveway yelling, "next house!" By the end, she could hardly carry her bucket because it was "too heavy."  

Family picture on Halloween, which was our official trick-or-treat night

Since she'd already gone trick-or-treating a couple nights before, she knew exactly what to do 

My favorite house of the night....they had candy for the kids and jello shots for the adults

Lucy & her Mickey pumpkin

Checking out her candy

So excited to be eating a sucker...sugar high!

Mickey with her grandparents

Reading her new Mickey Mouse book with Grandpa after trick-or-treating

Since it was a special night and Grandma & Grandpa were over, we let Lucy stay up past her normal bedtime which worked to our advantage because it was daily savings that night.  Apparently Lucy got the memo about the extra hour of sleep because while most parents dread this night because their kids are up extra early, Lucy slept in and we woke her up at 8:00 AM!

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Her costume is so cute! I will have to remember the jello shots for adults in the future! :)