Wednesday, December 9, 2015

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!

Last weekend and this coming weekend will be a couple of our busiest weekends we've had in quite some time.  On Saturday morning, we drove about 20 min north to Cackler Farms in Delaware to cut down our Christmas tree. The past couple years we'd gone to Lowes to get our tree but now that Lucy is older, we thought she might actually enjoy picking one out and cutting it down ourselves.  And, we were right!  She had a great time despite wanting to take home a small Charlie Brownish tree instead of the big 12 footer we picked out.

Cackler Farms

This was the tree Lucy picked out

Helping daddy drag the sled

Lucy & I in front of the our tree

Our attempt at a family photo in front of the tree

Todd cutting it down

Putting it on the sled

Lucy really wanted to help pull it by herself but it was way too heavy so Todd helped

Todd got the tree all set up once we were home and we hung the lights and started decorating it while Lucy was napping.  We weren't able to finish decorating it on Saturday because we had a babysitter coming over to watch Lucy while we went to Todd's year end party for Honda R&D.  It was a fun night out and Honda definitely goes all out for the party.  It's at the Hyatt Regency downtown, everyone gets dressed up (so much so that the party is nicknamed Honda Prom), and there are about 6-7 different rooms/ballrooms with food and entertainment.  We met up with a few of Todd's friends and ate some food to start with (the mashed potato bar was a huge hit) and then we went to a 45 minute comedian/magician show which was surprisingly pretty funny.  There were also several bands/DJs playing, a silent disco, karaoke, the Big 10 Championship game was being shown, and arcade/video games.  Around 10:00 PM, most of the food switched over to desserts so we had to make another round into all the rooms to check all that out before we left around 10:30 since we only had our sitter until 11:00.


Half decorated but look how tall this thing is!  Definitely our tallest tree to date

Dressed up at Honda Prom

A view of one of the ballrooms with a DJ, dance floor, and food (sushi station, mashed potato bar, and meat carving station)


On Sunday, Todd spent a majority of the day trying to finish working on some stuff on the basement project before we have someone come over this week to dry wall which means I spent the majority of the day playing with Lucy.  We did, however, finish decorating the tree and head over to the Columbus Zoo for the Wildlights for a few hours.  Lucy was thrilled to spend time with Grandma & Grandpa who met us at the zoo.

We had to borrow my parents' 8 foot ladder so Todd could put on the star and some more ornaments near the top

Watching one of the light shows

For once, we didn't have to take a family selfie!

All Lucy wanted to do was ride the train so she sat with Grandma & Grandpa...

while Todd & I sat behind them

Next weekend we have our church's Children's Christmas Festival that my dad helps run, Breakfast with Santa, visiting with my aunt & uncle who will be in town, and my book club Christmas party.

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