Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Thanksgiving Weekend 2015

We had a great Thanksgiving weekend but I'll admit, I was glad to have a quiet house (well, quiet other than Lucy running around and singing but that's normal) by Sunday.  We had a full house for a few days while we hosted my parents for Thanksgiving on Thursday and then Todd's parents and sister's family came into town on Friday and Saturday.  

Todd & I hosted Thanksgiving for the first time and while I was nervous about how everything was going to turn out, especially the turkey, everything turned out better than expected and surprisingly wasn't as stressful as I thought either.  I'll give Todd most of the credit for that though as he had put together a color-coded spreadsheet the night before so we knew exactly what time we should start prepping each dish and what time each dish needed to be in the oven.  I wish I was kidding about that. I started making the first dessert around 8:30 AM and by 2:00 PM, the last dish was coming out of the oven and we were all sitting around the dining room table ready to eat.  

Todd consulting his spreadsheet he hung on the fridge

Prepping the turkey

Adding some extra ingredients inside the turkey to give it some more flavor

Ready for the oven

While we were cooking, Lucy was watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade on TV and was excited when she saw Sesame Street on a float

Todd cutting the apples for the apple pie

Adding some ingredients to the top of the apples

Peeling the potatoes

Turkey is done!

Todd slicing the turkey

We made turkey, sweet potato casserole (which for some reason looks burnt but those were just the pecans on top), cream cheese mashed potatoes, peas, rolls, and brown sugar glazed carrots as well as apple pie and a pumpkin cake for dessert; my mom made the stuffing and cranberry salad

Lucy digging in

Sitting around the table talking after we emptied our plates

Family pic on Thanksgiving

Todd & Lucy playing

We ate our Thanksgiving meal around 2:00 PM and found some room around 6:00 PM for dessert

Todd's family was coming into town later in the afternoon on Friday so we were able to spend part of the day getting ready for them to come by cleaning, swapping out all the fall decorations for our Christmas ones (we're planning on cutting down our tree this weekend), and getting a second round of food ready.

It was so warm out we took a walk to buy gift cards at City BBQ

Lucy playing with MaMa

We made stromboli for dinner

PaPa was in charge of the grandkids during dinner

The rest of the us enjoyed adult conversation in the dining room

On Saturday morning, Lucy was able to spend quite a bit of time with MaMa and PaPa (Todd's parents) before his sister's family came over to watch the OSU-Michigan game. Todd's parents stay with us since we have an extra guest room but there's not enough space for his sister's family so they stayed at a hotel.  We also had a plumber working on our basement that morning/afternoon too so it was a little crazy with all the noise & dust from him tearing up part of the concrete in the basement to add plumbing so we can have access to water down there.

Reading all her "new" Christmas books with MaMa & PaPa

And more reading


Lucy & Audrey coloring together

Lucy loves when MaMa & PaPa bring their dog, Micah

Watching the game

Pretty sure they got out every single one of the toys in our house

Sunday was spent catching up on things around the house (we had to clean the house from all the dust the plumber left) and relaxing before one of the busier months of the year (both at work and home) starts up.  We already have plans for almost every single Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in December.

We did manage to swing by the PAI Member Appreciation party on Sunday afternoon where Lucy & Olive were able to hang out (these two just get cuter and cuter by the day)

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