Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Our 1st Official Snow of the Season

This is the latest we've ever had measurable snow in Columbus, and in fact, we broke the record when we didn't have any by January 2.  While I'm definitely a fan of spring & summer weather, I was excited to finally get some snow because I knew Lucy would be so excited for it and I was right!  It started coming down when she was eating breakfast and she was watching it out the window and kept talking about going out and making Frosty.  Once the ground was actually covered, we bundled her up in her snow pants and boots (secretly hoping for some more snow in the next couple months to actually get use out of her snow boots which I know she'll outgrow by next winter) and we headed out in the backyard.  Lucy loved it!  Todd helped her build a mini Frosty, she made snow angels, and basically just ran around the yard.  We made her come in after about an hour and I was shocked she lasted that long!

Right when we got outside

Helping daddy roll up snow for a snowman

Trying to catch some snow on her tongue

Adding more snow to the bottom layer of the snowman

She was so happy!

Showing off Frosty (which she then stood there and sang the song for the next 5 minutes)

Snow angel

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