Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Bump Update #2: Week 15

15 weeks on January 30, 2016

15 weeks with Lucy vs. Baby #2

How far along: 15 weeks & 4 days

Size of baby: About 4-4.5 inches long, weighs about 2.5 ounces, and is the size of an apple

Weight gain: 4.5 pounds

Maternity clothes: Not yet and am hoping to hold off another month or so; I lost weight after having Lucy and had to size down so I'm thinking in a few weeks when my current pants are too tight, I can go back to wearing some pants I have from pre-Lucy that are a size bigger.  I'm in that awkward stage where I just feel blah and fat and am anxious to have a bump instead!

Symptoms: Peeing all the time (I actually had to take a pee break during a class at System of Strength the other day which was the first time I couldn't make it a whole hour but part of that might have been all the jumping we were doing during class)

Gender: I really have no idea and am split 50/50...part of me thinks another girl which is just a gut feeling but part of me thinks boy just because I felt so good in the first trimester and didn't feel that way with Lucy

Exercise: Teaching Spin/TRX twice/week and doing a variety of other workouts the other 4-5 days (running, step mill, classes at System of Strength)

Food cravings: Apples and buttered toast

Food aversions: Nothing

Movement: Still thinking I'm feeling little movements especially when I'm sitting in the car

Sleep: Sleeping great but have had to get up a few times at night to pee and also to get water because I've been so thirsty

Looking forward to: Buying a twin bed for Lucy's new room this weekend and my doctor's appointment next week

Best moment of the week: Painting Lucy's new room and putting together all the furniture last weekend

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