Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Weekend Fun

This past weekend was pretty much perfect....spent time as a family (and worked on Lucy's new big girl room and bought her a new bed!), spent time with just Todd on a date night at the newest restaurant in Columbus (The Avenue Steak Tavern in Grandview), and spent some time with friends at a Super Bowl party on Sunday.

Got home from working out at the Y on Saturday morning and while I showered & Todd worked on putting together some of the furniture for Lucy's new room, she was allowed to lounge on our bed to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

Once Lucy's new room is completely finished, I'll do a full post with pictures but here's some of the progress (Lucy's current room will stay as the nursery for baby #2 and we're moving Lucy into what was our office/junk room); Todd painted the walls a mint green color last weekend and we had bought a lot of the furniture over the past couple months so he spent some time putting it all together

This was right before we went to go buy a twin bed so her room is almost complete except for some decor for the walls (and I need to move over all her clothes, books, etc. from her current room)

Todd & Lucy testing out mattresses

Once we brought the mattress, box springs, and frame home, Todd immediately got to work on putting it all together

We had a babysitter on Saturday night so we could celebrate an early Valentine's Day by trying out The Avenue Steak Tavern, the newest Cameron Mitchell restaurant in town

Always love date night with this guy & I really enjoyed the restaurant...would definitely be one I'd go to again!

We split the Mushroom Sautee as an appetizer (seriously, who knew mushrooms could be so tasty...the sauce was fantastic!)

Todd's meal came with a salad so he chose the Tavern Salad (a little too "oniony" for me)

I got the White Cheddar Burger and oh my gosh, it was one of the best burgers I've ever had!  The sweet pickle mayo was amazing and a burger always tastes 100% better with shredded lettuce (oh, and those fries were delicious)

Todd had the Veal Milanese which came with a side of linguine and again, it was perfect!

Sunday started with a killer workout System of Strength and a trip to the grocery store followed by baking with my girl; we were going to a Super Bowl party that evening and I was making a Reese's Butterfinger Brownie Trifle as well as Corn Dip to take

Lucy helped with the brownie layer

Finished product!

Low key Super Bowl party at our friends' house; there were about 10 of us and while Todd stayed for most of the game, I came home right before halftime so I could get Lucy a bath and to bed

The rest of this week should be pretty low key and I'm excited for my 16 week doctor's appointment tomorrow, Lucy's second gymnastics class on Thursday evening, and friends coming into town on Saturday.

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