Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Another Weekend at Home

It seemed like the first time in quite awhile that we were home back-to-back weekends or home with not much planned and it was wonderful!  We will be busy quite a few weekends from now until about mid to late June so it was nice to have this down time before life gets crazy again (and even crazier once baby girl comes in July!).

Lucy got her second haircut on Saturday and did great; she picked out the pink car to sit in and even was able to watch Sofia the First while they cut her hair.  Her trim only took about 10 minutes and then the stylist added a little side braid

She even got a sucker afterward!

Sunday we headed down to German Village for a picnic and to play at Schiller Park but first we stopped at Brown Bag Deli for some sandwiches

It was a perfect sunny day and we quickly took off our jackets & sweaters to soak up the sun

Todd picked our picnic spot right by the fountain

Lunch with my best girl (and wow, that baby belly sure looks a lot bigger when I'm sitting down!)

Checking out the pond with daddy

After we ate, we walked to the other side of the park so Lucy could play on the playground

She loves going down slides

Later in the afternoon, we surprised Lucy with a bubble machine and she was running all around the driveway and yard trying to chase them

But first she needed to stick her face in them

Lots of fun trips and events planned soon that I can't wait to blog about!

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