Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Girls' Weekend

....and by girls' weekend I mean it was just me & Lucy hanging out all weekend while Todd was in Portland, Oregon for a bachelor party.  What started out to be a fun weekend and one I was looking forward to, took a turn for the worse when Lucy & I both came down with a nasty stomach bug on Saturday night/Sunday morning.

Anyways, back to the fun stuff Lucy & I did last Friday and Saturday while we were still feeling good...

Spent Friday morning at COSI and she found a "new" pair of glasses to wear in Kids' Space

Painting her masterpiece

The weather was still fairly decent on Friday afternoon too before it got really cold and windy so we were able to do Lucy's 2 favorite things right now...blow bubbles..

 and do chalk

All smiles during dinner on Friday night (I was taking an obscene amount of pictures to send to Todd)

Saturday morning started with some cartoons and playing with her bunny house while I showered and got ready (she's obsessed with having pigtails right now)

We spent some time at the mall so Lucy was able to play in the play area for a little bit

Sitting on her favorite lion

We split some popcorn as a little treat (and this is how I might have bribed her to sit in her stroller so I could go in a few stores)

 I ate a veggie sub from Jersey Mike's for lunch and a couple hours later during Lucy's nap was when my stomach started to feel unsettled so I thought that maybe it was from the sub.  After Lucy was up and had some dinner later, I had promised her earlier we'd get some ice cream (mainly because I had wanted to get some but then with my stomach hurting, I couldn't even manage to eat dinner).  Of course, she remembered so I took her to Menchie's for a small cup of frozen yogurt.  She was acting completely normal and ate her frozen yogurt.  

First time getting frozen yogurt

Once we got home was when everything went downhill quickly.  I started to get sick right before I was going to put Lucy to bed and I was still thinking it was possibly food poisoning so my parents came over to help with bath and bed time since I was trying to not get sick.  As soon as they left and Lucy was in bed, I was up every hour for the next 4 hours throwing up,  I couldn't even keep down water.  Around 1:00 AM, I was finally feeling better (probably because I had nothing left in my stomach) and fell asleep.  Of course, less than an hour later was when I hear Lucy calling for me and I knew right away she was sick so this clearly was a bug and not food poisoning. It was the first time she had ever thrown up so she was crying and freaking out and I was tired and not feeling well and trying to clean everything up at 3:00 AM.  

Getting settled in on the couch around 3:30 AM (according to the time I took this picture)...from her smile, you would've never known she had just thrown up

We got a couple hours of sleep downstairs (she was on the couch and I was on the floor next to her....which is not comfortable when you're pregnant and have back issues to begin with) and just laid around on Sunday.  Todd's flight was delayed coming home (of course) so by the time he rolled into bed on Monday morning at 3:00 AM, Lucy had already got sick again around midnight so I was on night #2 of being up and cleaning up.  I'm feeling much better despite not having my full appetite and energy levels back and Lucy is still on the mend.  She acts completely normal and fine during the day, no fever and no complaints of her belly hurting, but she threw up again last night when she was sleeping (3rd night in a row).  Apparently this stomach bug is just taking a lot longer to get out of her system which one of the nurses at the pediatrician's office said can be normal for kids.  We're really hoping she doesn't get sick yet again tonight so we can all be better and get some sleep!

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emily said...

Oh yuck to the stomach bug! I hope Lucy's feeling better. Poor girl. :(