Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Perfect Spring Weekend

In typical Ohio fashion, it was snowing last Saturday and then this past Saturday it was 80 degrees and we wearing shorts & tank tops.  While I was mad about the snow, I cannot complain about these warm temps because it means lots of fun outdoor activities!  This was our first weekend in forever that we were actually home the entire weekend with not many set plans besides checking off a bunch of stuff on our to-do list.  

Saturday morning and early afternoon was spent redoing some of the decor in the nursery for baby girl #2 as well as washing all the windows and screens in our house (one of the chores I dread doing every spring).  Todd also cut the grass while I ran some errands and Lucy was (supposed to be) napping.  After we had the chores behind us, it was time for some fun for the weekend.  Later in the afternoon, we walked to the Powell splash pad park so Lucy could run around for a little bit and then grabbed a quick dinner at Culver's (because cheeseburgers & fries are still my #1 pregnancy craving).  Plus, you gotta spoil your kids every once in awhile with ice cream.  

We kept the walls gray but are switching the color palette from pink & gray that we had for Lucy to purple, aqua, and gray; Todd hung some floating shelves above the dresser/changing table and bookcase and we moved the picture frames from that wall to above the crib with some new prints

Lucy helping Todd raise the crib back up

Lucy helping us clean the windows

and while we washed the screens on the patio, she was using her bubble mower (I love how it looks like she's actually working really hard pushing it)

Coming back the other way

Hanging out at the park

Going down the slide

She loved playing on the splash pad despite the water not being turned on yet

Riding an airplane

Ice cream after dinner at Culver's

Sunday ended up being even warmer than Saturday so a trip to the zoo with friends was on our to-do list.  Lynn & I had been trying to get Lucy & Olive together for months now and since we both had the same idea of heading to the zoo, we figured why not meet up for a few hours.  Despite not actually seeing many animals (Lucy was definitely more interested in literally everything else except the animals), we somehow managed to spent almost 3 hours there.  We were more than ready to head home though after that because it was pretty warm and we did quite a bit of walking.

I swear, these two are just too cute when they hold hands

Hanging out in the polar bear area

Going down a slide in the play area by the polar bear exhibit

Waiting to go on the carousel

Mamas & daughters

This was the first time Lucy actually rode the horse the entire time even though she had one arm on the pole and one arm wrapped around Todd's neck for dear life

Walking out of the carousel together

Two girls in our arms with two babies on the way

After some rest time on the couch for me on Sunday afternoon (I think I was more tired than Lucy after the zoo), I headed to the grocery store, did some laundry, and we just took it easy the rest of the day.

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