Thursday, May 12, 2016

2016 MommyMile 5K Race/Walk

I had seen some advertisements for the MommyMile 5K race/walk last Saturday at Polaris Mall for the past few months but really couldn't justify spending about $45 to run a 5K so I decided not to do it.  I was so pumped though when I won a free entry just a week before the race and immediately signed up.  I had run the Jakestrong 5K in Powell when I was 25 weeks pregnant with Lucy and had always wanted to run a 5K with baby #2 on board but wasn't sure how realistic it would be considering I've hardly run this pregnancy and I've been having some SI joint/sciatica issues.  I figured a free race though was the perfect opportunity, especially a low-key, fun race like the MommyMile because it wouldn't matter if I had to walk during part of the race.  While I was running, Todd had Lucy in our jogging stroller so they were able to see me a couple times within the first mile of the race.  The course went around the entire perimeter of the mall as well as going up and down through the parking lot so they weren't able to see me again until the finish line.

At the start/finish line area before the race

Right before lining up at the start

Just about a tenth of a mile into the race and spotting Todd & Lucy

Waving to Lucy

Still waving to Lucy

I saw them again a little before the mile marker and stopped for a quick picture

Todd & Lucy wouldn't be able to see me again until the finish so they walked around all the booths/activities set up while they waited for me and Lucy was able to take her picture with the princesses who would be handing out roses to the moms at the finish

"Sprinting" to the finish

Crossing the finish line

Walking through the finish area 

Red carpet picture with my girl

Coloring with Lucy

Spinning the wheel to win a prize

Todd even got a free beer sample

Post-race family picture

The New Balance sports bra that I won!

The Stats

Mile 1: 9:46 (I got stuck behind a bunch of people walking at the start and also stopped to take a picture with Lucy)
Mile 2: 8:51
Mile 2.84: 7:13 (8:35 pace if it had been a full mile)

Overal Time for 5K: 25:50* (Garmin read 2.84 mi instead of 3.1 mi)
Average Pace: 9:05 pace

I was 29 weeks pregnant the day of the race and in the back of my head had a goal of wanting to break 30 minutes.  I honestly wasn't sure if that would be possible or not but figured I'd start running at the start of the race and see how long I could go before I had to stop and walk.  I felt surprisingly really good and definitely felt like I could have pushed myself a little harder because my breathing was well under control but my legs were starting to get tired, especially my right calf where I've been having the sciatica issues.  I was pretty disappointed the course measured 1/4 mile short of a 5K (and I know it wasn't just my Garmin that was off because I heard some other women talking about it after the race) because I felt like I was starting to pick up the pace towards the end and wanted to see what my actual 5K time would be.  The good news is that even if the race had been a full 5K, I would have easily finished up 30 minutes so I met my goal.  I was also pleasantly surprised that I finished high enough (I believe it was the top 50 women finishers) to win a free New Balance sports bra.  It was a fun race with lots of post-race goodies and booths set up for both moms and kids.  While I'm not sure I'd spend the money to run it again, especially since the course was short, I'm glad I had the opportunity to run it this year especially while I was pregnant.

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