Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Birthday Weekend

Another busy weekend in the books and another weekend with a celebration....this time it was for my birthday!  Unfortunately, the weather didn't quite cooperate like we had hoped (pretty sure this was one of the coldest birthdays I can remember and we weren't able to go on our picnic).  

On Friday, Lucy & I headed to the Columbus Zoo....and apparently half of the schools in town also had plans to go that day because it was PACKED with school groups.  We were there for almost 3 hours and saw & did quite a bit.  Luckily, we have a gold membership which includes not only admission to the zoo & Zoombezi Bay but it also includes all the fun "extras" like riding the train and carousel, feeding the giraffes, taking a camel ride, etc.  We definitely take full advantage of these extra perks.

Lucy brushing a sheep in the petting zoo area

We happened to catch a glimpse of Jack Hanna who it looked like might have been filming a commercial or something along that sort

Carousel ride

Love this happy little girl

Waiting in line to feed the giraffes

Lucy was just barely able to get the lettuce up to the giraffe's mouth

Ready for the train ride

On Saturday, we drove up to see Todd's family for our niece's 5th birthday party.  It always makes for a long day when we do the round trip in one day (it's almost a 3 hour drive one way) but it was nice to see everyone especially some people we hadn't seen since Christmas & Lucy always has such a great time with her cousins.  Plus, this will probably be our last trip up there until after the baby is born.

My mother-in-law always makes the best cakes for the kids' parties....the theme was Under the Sea

Sunday was my birthday and while my hormones & emotions were running wild (more so than I remember when I was pregnant with Lucy), we still managed to have a great day.  While I was getting ready for the day, Todd & Lucy drove down to campus to pick up donuts at Buckeye Donuts (I'd been talking about wanting a donut for months now).  They hit the spot!  I had a work meeting that took up most of the afternoon (but I did win a free massage!) and when I got home, Todd was making homemade Chicken Parmesan for dinner (besides Japanese Chicken Salad, which he made last weekend for Mother's Day, this is my other favorite dish he makes).  My parents came over later for cake & ice cream.  It wasn't the most exciting birthday but it was still a great day.  For Christmas, my parents had given us tickets to see Dirty Dancing at the theatre and the show is finally this week so we're going to take advantage of our date night by going to dinner beforehand and then we also might try to have a picnic this weekend if the weather is nice so we have a few fun "birthday" celebrations coming up still.

Todd definitely knows I have a love for anything chocolate and peanut butter 

Oh yeah, this girl loves her sprinkled donuts

and she loves her milk

She doesn't mess around

It's crazy to think that next year for my birthday, there will be 2 little girls at the table with me

Reading my card from Lucy

Helping to open my present

Pretty excited for a new camera!

Todd's homemade Chicken Parmesan

Party horns

Luckily, these went back home with Grandma & Grandpa when they left

Time for cake!

Blowing out the candles

She was so excited to help me

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