Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Memorial Day 2016

What a perfect day we had yesterday celebrating Memorial Day!  The weather was absolutely amazing and we were able to spend the day together as a family doing lots of fun things---a parade, a couple hours at Zoombezi Bay, and having a cookout.  

We walked to downtown Powell from our house for the Powell Memorial Day parade and found a great spot right in the sun, which was initially a good idea but we didn't realize how hot it actually was going to be yesterday so after about 30 minutes, Todd & I were both a sweaty mess (Lucy didn't seem to mind) and I was kind of wishing we had found a spot in the shade instead!  The parade lasted about an hour and it's always fun to see how excited Lucy gets over the little things.  She was waving to everyone and everything that walked by and did a good job at collecting some candy too.  

Waving her flag and waiting for the parade to start

Love my new selfie stick!

Daddy & Lucy

Mommy & Lucy

Family photo in our red, white, and blue

Hugging her baby

Yay, the parade has finally started!

Waving her flag for all the veterans walking or driving by

Watching the marching band

Excited about something she saw in the parade!

Looking at all her candy

Lucy was hoping for some more and has mastered the art of getting candy at parades by waving, smiling, and opening her bag.  

Yesterday was the first really nice day that Zoombezi Bay, a local waterpark right next to the zoo, was open and Lucy has been talking about going for a couple months now (basically, any time we go to the zoo, she asks about "Zumba Bay").  Todd & I both have a gold membership to the zoo which also gets you admission to Zoombezi Bay for the season.  As long as we go a couple times, it pretty much pays for itself.  Lucy is still free until September when she turns 3 so at some point we're going to have to figure out if we want to continue with the gold membership or eventually join an actual pool.  For now, Zoombezi Bay is great.  Anyways, we got there around noon and it wasn't quite as crowded as we anticipated and were able to find some empty chairs by the Tiny Tides (baby/toddler) area.  We started with the smaller slides there, ventured over to the lazy river, and then went to the bigger kid area with a deeper pool and some slightly bigger slides.  We stayed for a couple hours before coming home to get out of the sun.  My parents had been on a cruise to Bermuda the past week and just got home that afternoon so they came over for a cookout that evening.  It was a relaxing end to a busy day and I'm so excited now that unofficial start of summer is here!

Going down one of the small slides

Her favorite whale slide from last year

The side-by-side racing slides

Snack break!

Forgot the selfie stick so this is the best we could get (it was hard to see how well we were framed in the picture because it was so bright outside)

Cookout for dinner

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