Thursday, May 5, 2016

Trip to Houston 2016

Last weekend, we made our annual trip down to Houston to visit my extended family and we also had the added bonus of my brother, sister-in-law, and nephew flying in from San Francisco.  It had been exactly a year since we had seen my extended family when we went down for my cousin's wedding so it was a much-needed visit.

We took a late afternoon flight on Thursday and arrived in Houston around 9:00 PM after a short stop in Atlanta where we had to stay on the plane while some people got off and more got on for Houston.  Lucy was absolutely perfect on our flights down and back despite skipping naps both days.  She's such an easy traveler as long as we have the iPad, DVD player, some books/stickers, and snacks.  I think she played games on the iPad 80% of the flight.  Since she didn't take a nap on Thursday, she literally fell asleep right after we landed and then slept the whole way to our hotel and fell right back asleep in her bed at the hotel.  

Waiting for our flight in Columbus

Reading a book

Lucy's a pro at flying & gets so excited!  This was her 5th flight already and she's only 2.5; we've flown to Houston three times and California twice

We packed dinner for Lucy and then picked up Jimmy John's subs for Todd & I to eat on the plane

Playing with her princess magnets

Sleeping while we waited to get off the plane

So glad we brought her stroller because she was able to sleep in it....I don't think I could've carried her and our luggage around the entire airport!

My brother, sister-in-law, and nephew also flew in Thursday night so we were able to see them on Friday morning before my sister-in-law and I met up with my cousin for pedicures at the Venetian Nail Spa.  The guys watched the kids while we had some relaxing girl time that was much-needed.  After our amazing pedicures, we stopped for cupcakes at Ooh La La Dessert Boutique.

Enjoying my pedicure

Boston Cream Cupcake

Me, Meghan (my sister-in-law), and Alicia (my cousin)

We got back to the hotel to meet up with the husbands & kids, went out for lunch at World of Beer, and then headed over to my aunt & uncle's house to visit with them, Alicia and her son, and my Grandma.  We all went out to dinner at Dekker's Mesquite Grill before calling it a night and going back to the hotel.

Lucy tickling William while we hung out in the hotel lobby

Jeff (my brother) with Lucy & William

Todd & his taster tray at World of Beer

My grandma with 2 of her great grandkids

Lucy played quite a bit with Parker (Alicia's son who is a year younger than her)

So many toys to play with!

Lucy & "Baby William" as she calls him 

The 3 great grandkids (all with blue eyes and light hair)

Dinner at Dekker's

The forecast called for rain most of Saturday so we decided to go to the mall to walk around before going back over to see family.  Of course, it never rained and ended up being sunny & humid all day so I was wishing we would've stayed at the hotel so Lucy could've swam/played at the hotel pool but she still had fun at the mall.

Lucy riding the carousel at the mall with Mommy, Aunt Meghan & William

And then we rode the train around the mall

Yes, I rode this thing around the mall with Lucy

 We spent the afternoon and evening over at my aunt & uncle's house and they had dinner for us along with a few more of my aunts, uncles, and cousins that came over.  I think there were 16 of us total that night.  We had to say our good-byes that evening because we had a morning flight to catch and would have to leave the hotel early to make it to the airport.  

Aunt Jackie helping Lucy hit the wiffle ball

The first time all 3 great grandkids were together with their great grandma...such an awesome moment!

Lucy loved sleeping in her own big bed at the hotel and I couldn't resist taking this picture of her on Sunday morning before I woke her up.  It was pretty entertaining when she'd go to sleep at night because Todd & I would turn out all the lights and hang out in our bed while she fell asleep and it was so funny the stuff she would say.  We can always hear her talking to herself at home before bed but never really knew what she was saying so I was cracking up at her especially when she said "My daddy likes beer and my mommy likes milk" and then about 2 minutes later she was snoring

Reading and coloring with daddy on the flight home

We really did have such a great weekend and I still can't believe that the next time we fly down to visit (probably around the same time next year), there will be 4 of us traveling!

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