Friday, May 20, 2016

Weeknight Date Night

Todd & I had a rare weeknight date last night.  For Christmas, my parents had bought us tickets to see Dirty Dancing at the Ohio Theatre along with an evening of babysitting Lucy.  Since we weren't able to go out to dinner to celebrate my birthday last weekend, Todd made reservations at La Tavola in Grandview so we could grab a bite to eat before the show.  The food at La Tavola was really good (the housemade bread and sauce were amazing!) and I'd been wanting to go there since it reopened in that location.  La Tavola was originally in Powell years ago and it was always one of my favorite restaurants.  It's closed and reopened several times since then and I'm hoping they've finally found a good location for it.  The broadway show was fantastic as well.  The singing, music, and dancing were all spot on and I couldn't get over how much the female lead looked like Jennifer Grey from the movie.  We also had some pretty awesome seats and were sitting in the front row of the loge so we had plenty of space and leg room.  Plus, our view of the stage was perfect.  My parents kept Lucy overnight so I even "slept in" today until 6:00 AM and went to the gym before picking her up.  

Dropping Lucy off at my parents'

It was super bright out which is why we look squinty

The housemade bread and olive oil were a great start to dinner

I had the Chicken Parmesan which came with a side of pasta and Todd had the Cannelloni which was one of the specials

Date night pic

And then of course once I saw another table order the Chocolate Torte for dessert, I had to get a piece as well

Heading in to the show

Waiting for the show to start

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