Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Bump Update #2: Week 35

35 weeks on June 18, 2016

35 weeks with Lucy vs. Baby Girl #2

How far along: 35 weeks & 4 days

Size of baby: A little over 18 inches long, weighs about 5.25 pounds, and is the size of a coconut

Weight gain: 16 pounds

Maternity clothes: Mostly maternity clothes but I can still wear one pair of regular dress pants for work as well as regular workout clothes (I never bought any maternity workout stuff) and some regular tank tops

Symptoms: Same as the last 6 weeks or so (Braxton Hicks, sciatica, peeing all the time) with the addition of some occasional groin pain/soreness

Gender: Girl!

Exercise: Still teaching Spin/TRX twice/week and working out on my own another 4-5 days

Food cravings: Sweets!

Food aversions: Nothing 

Movement: Lots of stronger pushes and jabs which surprise me at times; it feels like she's taking her elbow or knee and just rubbing it all along the inside of my stomach

Sleep: Sleeping great still despite getting up once or twice every night to pee 

Looking forward to: Every night when I can hopefully lay on the couch for a little bit after we put Lucy to bed :)

Best moment of the week: Celebrating Father's Day over the weekend

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