Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Father's Day 2016

We had a family wedding to attend in Lexington, Kentucky this past weekend so while we were out of town, I had made some plans to celebrate Father's Day for Todd and my dad.  My parents were also going to the wedding and had actually already been in Lexington for a couple days for a UK alumni meeting so once we arrived in Lexington late on Saturday morning, we dropped Lucy off with them at their hotel so Todd & I could go to Alltech Lexington Brewing and Distilling Co. for a tour and tasting.  The tour was about an hour where half the time was spent learning about their brewing process and having beer samples (they make Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale) and the other half was spent learning about the distilling process and having samples of the spirits they make (mainly bourbon).  The facility itself is just a few years old and was really nice.  We've gone on our fair share of brewery and bourbon tours so we didn't learn a lot of new information but Todd got to sample quite a few new beers and spirits.  Of course, he got twice as many as everyone else since I couldn't drink mine!  It was a great tour and I know Todd was glad I had planned a special outing for him for Father's Day.

The brewery part of the building

The distillery part of the building

The two buildings are connected by pipes that run the spirits from one building to the other after some of the distilling process is complete

Fermentation kettles

Tour guide talking about the different beers we could sample

Beer samples

Todd in his element

Enjoying a taster...or just posing with it

Part of the distillery side of the company

Cooper kettles

Todd and a random horse 

Onto the spirit samples

Enjoying our time together

The wedding was late Saturday afternoon (which I'll have a recap of that up in the next couple days) so we spent the night in Lexington and then had made reservations to have lunch at Moerlein Lager House in Cincinati on Sunday on the way home with my parents.  Lunch was tasty, my dad and Todd enjoyed some taster trays, and it made for a nice stop to break up the drive home,
The restaurant was right on the Ohio River in downtown Cincinnati so we had some gorgeous views of the waterfront

Lucy and Grandpa opening up presents

Posing with Todd's present from Lucy

Daddy, Lucy, and Grandpa

Taster tray for Todd

Best attempt at a family pic after lunch (Lucy was pretty much done with taking pics and listening by this point)

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