Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Weekend with Family

For Christmas, we had bought my in-laws tickets to go to the Memorial Tournament, a big PGA golf tournament just about 5 miles from our house, for this past Saturday.  They got into town late Friday afternoon and we headed down to Milestone 229 for dinner, walked along the Scioto Mile afterwards, and ended our evening at Hayden Falls Park.  We were excited to show them some parts of Columbus they hadn't seen before and the weather was perfect!

Lucy & PaPa coloring at dinner

Lucy checking out the views along the Scioto River

Picture perfect evening and a view of part of downtown Columbus along the Scioto Mile

Lucy & Todd with their grandparents/parents

Lucy playing in a fountain

Hayden Run Falls

Lucy with MaMa & PaPa

On Saturday, Todd's parents were at the golf tournament all day so Todd, Lucy, and I went to the Worthington Farmers' Market in the late morning and then Lucy & I went to her friend, Loring's, 3rd birthday party which had a surprise appearance by Ariel!  All the little girls were loving her and it was such a cute idea for the party (and one that I might be copying for Lucy's 3rd birthday party in September because she's already told me she wants a princess party).  

Ariel teaching the girls how to be princesses

Singing songs

Group picture

Getting crowned princess

Ariel sung a song to the girls

Making princess wands

One more group picture (Loring, the birthday girl, was dressed like Ariel also and her little brother was dressed as Sebastian)

Lucy with Ariel

The first thing Lucy said when we got to the party was that she wanted birthday cake (she's definitely my child!) so she was finally able to have some after Ariel left

The weather held out for most of Saturday but the golf tournament did end up getting rain delayed late in the afternoon so my in-laws were back when Lucy & I got back from the birthday party.  We grilled out for dinner and just hung out the rest of the night.  

On Sunday, Todd made us all delicious belgium waffles and while Todd's parents went to go check out the Park of Roses, we went to the grocery store and then all met back up again at Polaris for the Made Local Marketplace.  Lucy was thrilled to spend some more time with MaMa & PaPa (she had such a blast this weekend playing with them) and even convinced PaPa to take her into the Disney Store (or the Mickey store as she refers to it).  We were sad to see them leave but know we will see them again soon once baby girl comes in July!  We didn't really do much else the rest of the afternoon on Sunday because once we left the mall, it started raining, although I'm not complaining about just hanging out at home because we're pretty busy the next couple weekends.

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emily said...

I was at Polaris on Sunday for the Made Local Market Place too!

A friend of mine had a few local girls wear their prom dresses to her daughters birthday party as princesses and get pictures with all of the little ones. Just an idea if you know any high school girls.