Friday, August 5, 2016

First Week on My Own with 2 Kids

Todd went back to work on Monday so it's just been me & the 2 kids for the week....although my mom has come over a couple times to watch Cece so I could have some time with just Lucy. I've definitely had a few moments where I've thought I was going to lose it (toddlers can be exhausting!) but overall, it hasn't been quite as hard as I was building it up in my head to be.  Plus, 3 out of the 5 days this week both girls took naps at the same time! I definitely felt more overwhelmed, frustrated, and tired when I was home on my maternity leave when Lucy was born.  Cece has been such a great baby and is pretty much the opposite of how Lucy was in those first few weeks.  Cece is already taking a bottle, doesn't fuss a ton, takes long naps, sleeps in her crib, doesn't need to be swaddled, and falls right back to sleep at night after eating.   The past two nights she's already had 6-6.5 hours stretches of sleep too. 

The challenging part of my maternity leave this time around is the fact that I not only have a newborn to take care of but also a toddler.  Lucy really has been such a good big sister and has adjusted well but I just feel guilty when she asks to play and I'm feeding Cece or holding her to get her to calm down if she's a little fussy.  I've also been trying to get out or plan something for her to do once a day so we're not stuck inside but it's been so hot out that I don't want to keep Cece outside for that long.  Anyways, we're still trying to find our groove and I'm sure it will get easier in the coming weeks.


Playing Old Maid (notice the stack of cards next to some of her stuffed animals....yes, they were "playing" as well, in fact, the glow worm actually lost this round)

My mom came over to watch Cecelia while my dad & I walked down to the Lollipops concert in downtown Powell with Lucy

Watching the band (it was really hot this day!)


Lucy's latest obsession....dancing to Meghan Trainor's "Me Too" video

Cece just relaxing

Walked down to Murphy Park

Playing in her water table


Coloring in the workout room/playroom

She's already chunking up quite a bit....she loves to eat!


Holding her pacifier

Playing dress up

Such a good big sister!

Helping with bath time


Walking to Tim Horton's for donuts

Enjoying her sprinkle donut (and don't worry, if I'm making this look like it's all fun & games, this was after she spilled almost her entire carton of milk on herself, table, chair, and floor)


Sleepy girl

Sucking her thumb

My mom came over again to watch Cece for a couple hours so I could take Lucy to the library for a Peppa Pig party

They read stories, sang songs and danced (which is what they're doing here)...

Made friendship necklaces/bracelets...

and made crowns

Princess for the day!

Todd has to work most of this weekend and Lucy also woke up with a cold this morning so this weekend will be interesting.  I know we already have a pool day planned for next week and my parents are taking Lucy to Farm Days at COSI one day too so it should be a fun week.

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