Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Weekend Adventures

So let's rewind a few days and see what we were up to over the weekend.  I've mentioned it before but Todd has to work on the weekend every couple months and of course, this past weekend was a big release for him at work so not only did he have to work but it was really crazy hours too.  He worked on Saturday from 5:30 AM-1:00 PM and then again on Sunday from 11:00 PM until noon on Monday (yes, he didn't sleep at all that night!). I felt really bad for him....especially when Cece slept 8 hours straight that night too and I was already up when she woke up to eat!

All I can say is I'm so glad my parents live close by and are willing to help us out with the girls because they definitely helped me out on Saturday morning when we went to both the Worthington Farmers' Market and KidsFest at Adventure Park in Powell.  Todd was up and out the door for work around 5:00 AM on Saturday and I was pretty proud of myself for getting both girls up, ready, fed, and in the car by myself by 7:40 AM to get to the farmers' market around 8:00 AM.  My parents met us there and we got in line for the Chipotle booth, which was the reason why I wanted to go this week.  Once a summer, they set up a booth and give out Chipotle coupons for free food as well as $5 tokens to each person that can be used at any vendor at the farmers' market.  Once we got our coupons and tokens, we headed over to one of the vendors that sells sweets & baked goods and Lucy & I split a cinnamon roll for breakfast and also picked up a few other treats for later. 

We hung around for a little bit and then drove back up to Powell for the KidsFest set up at Adventure Park.  Again, my parents met us there and while my mom pushed Cece around in the stroller (Cece was such a trooper too...she pretty much slept the entire morning except a brief period where she woke up for a bottle) and my dad & I could take Lucy around the event.  I could have tried to do all this on my own but Lucy has a mind of her own and isn't the best at listening these days so I didn't really want her to run off when I had Cece in the stroller that I also need to be watching.  Anyways, Lucy had fun getting a balloon animal, winning prizes at some of the booths, taking pictures, watching the kids in the foam run, and playing on the playground.  

At the Chipotle booth, they had a t-shirt making station set up for the kids; Lucy traced a pig onto her shirt

Our Chipotle coupons

Cece ("waving" hi...or just showing off her startle reflex) and Lucy walking to KidsFest

My dad and Lucy taking pictures at the sports photo booth set up

Cece taking her afternoon nap at home (I just love pictures of her sleeping because she almost ALWAYS has her left arm up over her head which is exactly how she was in every ultrasound picture we got)

On Sunday, Todd, Lucy, Cece, and I ventured to Zoombezi Bay for the first time with all four of us.  Again, we really lucked out that Cece slept the entire time we were there so Todd & I were able to split our time with of us would play with her in the water while the other would sit with Cece and then we'd switch.  We're hoping to make it back once or twice more before it closes for the season.

Family selfie in the big beach chair isn't quite as easy with Cece in the stroller

Cece sleeping in the shade with a fan on her while I read a magazine in the sun

Lucy taking a snack break and checking on her sister

Hanging out with my sleepy girl

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